Element Bars, Custom Energy Bar Company, Featured on 'Shark Tank'

Element Bars is a Chicago-based company that lets you "design" your own energy bar online, and then they'll make them, and send them your way. You get to pick the ingredients, the "elements" of the bar, and they even calculate the nutrition facts as you go.

Element Bars (elementbars.com)
There are even consistency choices, like "crunchy," "oaty," and "chewy." Then you decide on fruits and other nifty ingredients, and are well on your way to creating your own energy bar. At the end, there's even an option to name your bar. It's $36 for 12 bars.

The company was recently featured on the Shark Tank, a new ABC reality show where small business bargain with "Sharks" to get money. They bargain share and royalty in their company in exchange for cash.

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