Elin Nordegren One of Most Desirable Women Following Tiger Split According to 'Ask Men'

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It's been more than a year now since Elin Nordegren left Tiger Woods and created a media frenzy around the popular golfer. Now the Swedish beauty has been ranked the 60th Most Desirable Woman according to magazine writes: "She ended 2010 with a last act of revenge: auctioning off jewellery from her troubled husband, including her multimillion dollar wedding ring. Having been a psychology student at Rollins College since before her cataclysmic breakup, she might be well-placed...Read Full Story

Elin Nordegren Breaks Silence Over Tiger Woods Scandal

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Elin Nordegren recently gave People magazine her first interview in nine months, since news of her husband Tiger Woods' many affairs made headlines. And since officially splitting from the golf pro, Elin says she's never felt stronger.She said, "I have confidence in my beliefs, my decisions and myself." Elin Woods Videos Interview: Woods' Ex-wife Went 'through Hell'Nordegren Turned to Web to Escape ScandalElin On Woods’ Mistresses: I Felt Stupid But it sounds like it was a long road to...Read Full Story

Will Elin Show Up to Cheer On Tiger Woods at the Masters?

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Photo AgencyIt's been a rough couple months for Elin Nordegren, who until recently was keeping out of the public eye in wake of the never-ending buzz about husband Tiger Woods' affair scandal. But, this week she was spotted two days in a row at the Sony Ericsson Open in Key Biscayne, Florida with their son, and sources speculate we might even see her when Tiger makes his 2010 pro golf debut at the Masters April 8. "Elin possibly will be at the final round if [Tiger] is in contention," a...Read Full Story

Rachel Uchitel Offered $10 Million to Keep Quiet About Tiger Woods

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Bauer GriffinRachel Uchitel, the original alleged Tiger Woods mistress, definitely seems like she's sitting pretty in that top slot. According to a report by TMZ, she was offered $10 million in exchange for her silence about the golf great's infidelities. Apparently the settlement could fluctuate a tad either direction, but the $10 million was put on the table so long as Rachel didn't spill any info on Tiger. She's not the only mistress to have allegedly been offered some serious cash...Read Full Story

Tiger Woods, Wife Apologize To Daughter's School

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Tiger Woods apologized to his family and fans last week, and now it's time to try to make amends with the parents at his daughter's school, it looks like. Tiger and his wife Elin Nordegren have allegedly written a letter to the parents at their daughter Sam's preschool to say sorry for all the media attention the golfer's sex scandal has brought upon them, and everything else in their personal lives, too. Tiger, Sam and Elin in November 2009. (Getty) "We would like to share our appreciation...Read Full Story

Elin Nordegren Not Present at Tiger Woods Press Conference

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Elin Nordegren was not present today at her husband Tiger Woods' first in-person public statement. His mother, Kultida Woods, was in the front row, but his blonde wife was nowhere in sight, although he apologized profusely about his affairs. He said, with tears in his eyes, that no words can fix his marriage, but he will change and prove himself to his wife. The golf great said: "Some believe believe Elin either hurt or attacked me on that Thanksgiving night. There has never been an...Read Full Story

Tiger Woods Public Statement: 'I Will Return to Golf'

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Tiger Woods' public statement today was an emotional one, as he admitted that he cheated and is to blame for the affair scandal that rocked the headlines late last year. In the first public appearance since the ordeal, he had tears in his eyes and said: "I was unfaithful, I had affairs, I cheated. What I did was unacceptable, and I am the only one to blame." He also talked about his return to golf. He said he has not ruled out returning to the game this year. But first he is going back to...Read Full Story

Tiger Woods Press Conference: 'I Had Affairs, I Cheated'

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Tiger Woods gave his first in-person public statement today after the affair scandal that linked more than 10 mistresses to him rocked the headlines in late November and December of last year. The golf great had tears in his eyes as he somberly apologized to his staff, family, friends, and fans. He said, with a sigh: "I have a lot to atone for." He said he wanted to clarify one thing about his wife Elin Nordegren: "Some believe believe Elin either hurt or attacked me on that Thanksgiving...Read Full Story

Source: Tiger Woods' Mom, Kultida, 'Angry and Disappointed' Over Affair Scandal

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Kultida Woods isn't too happy with her cub, Tiger. A source told People magazine that she "is hurt, angry and disappointed in Tiger." Of course, as mom's do, she'll stand by her son, but that doesn't mean she's happy with his choices. According to the source, she "wants to know how he could do this to his family." Well, she's not the only one asking those questions, for sure, but, Tiger's still not talking. We hope he's talking to his mom, though, at least. The family friend also said...Read Full Story

Gambling Sites Taking Bets If Tiger Woods Will Be Divorced in 2010

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Tiger Woods' divorce settlement is far from a reality. We don't even actually know if Elin Nordegren is planning on leaving the guy in the first place, but that doesn't mean gambling web sites aren't capitalizing on the potential split. According to, various web sites are offering odds about what will happen to the couple in 2010. Awesome. apparently has odds that the divorce will happen next year, while took bets that there would be some sort of...Read Full Story