10 Reasons 'Happy Endings' Needs to Return

The writers of the beloved sitcom are mysteriously counting down to something, and we know exactly what we want that something to be.

5 Reasons 'Happy Endings' Needs to Return

After months of inactivity, the official Twitter account of the Happy Endings' writers rumbled to life — and ignited beautiful, wondrous hope that the beloved sitcom, canceled after just three seasons, would return to us. Is such hope too good to be true? Maybe. But we choose to indulge it anyway. 

Here are the facts: Happy Endings writers tweeted a link to a countdown that's building up to something on April 1st. We don't find the April Fools' Day coincidence encouraging, but it's what we have to work with. The link was tweeted out with zany hashtags like #ketchup and #wintercomestwice before the account shared a video of Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Four seasons sounds an awful lot like fourth season, right? That's not a weird leap at all — it's just...logic. Really good logic.

Plus, as astute Happy Endings fans know, half of the main cast recently freed up their schedules: Damon Wayans Jr. left New Girl, Adam Pally left The Mindy Project, and Eliza Coupe's Benched has been canceled. Meanwhile, Casey Wilson's on a nice show that's not quite as nice as Happy Endings (sorry, Marry Me!).

Whatever's going on, we'll likely have to patiently wait for it for another 49 days. Until then, here's why we need Happy Endings back in our life. 

  • 1

    Max is a national sitcom treasure.

    10 Reasons 'Happy Endings' Needs to Return

    He says the things we want to say — but are too rational, mature, and/or sober enough to ever speak aloud. 

  • 2

    Brad and Jane take the committed sitcom relationship to new heights.

    10 Reasons 'Happy Endings' Needs to Return

    Now this is something to aspire to, folks.

  • 3

    Penny is all of us, all of the time.

    10 Reasons 'Happy Endings' Needs to Return

    We feel you, Penny.

  • 4

    Dave and Steak Me Home Tonight must ride again.

    10 Reasons 'Happy Endings' Needs to Return

    By the way, steakmehometonight.com is still up — and it's still delicious.

  • 5

    And, oh, sweet Alex...We need you too.

    10 Reasons 'Happy Endings' Needs to Return

    Of course you're not as dumb as you are. You probably heard that in a book you heard, right?

  • 6

    No one does Halloween like our gang.

    10 Reasons 'Happy Endings' Needs to Return

    Whether or not their actual Halloween night was a success. 

  • 7

    We miss the rapid-fire pop culture references.

    10 Reasons 'Happy Endings' Needs to Return

    Not to mention the dizzying pop culture tangents we hilariously try to follow.

  • 8

    Jane shows us all the way — the way of the glorious control freak.

    10 Reasons 'Happy Endings' Needs to Return

    She deserves respect, she demands respect, and she will get respect.

  • 9

    Whatever this is. We want more of it.

    10 Reasons 'Happy Endings' Needs to Return

    Never change, Brad. 

  • 10

    And last, but certainly not least, Boys II Menorah.

    10 Reasons 'Happy Endings' Needs to Return

    The Bar Mitzvah circuit misses them. 

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