ABC Wants US to Save 'Happy Endings'?!

Happy Endings returns on Friday, March 29 after a much (much much much) too long hiatus, and according to ABC's new promo for the comedy, it's up to us to save the show. Say what?

This coming from the same network that waited until October to launch the new season in a very competitive Tuesday night time slot, then started randomly airing episodes of Sunday, then benched it for weeks and moved it to the doldrums of Friday nights? We've been trying to save Happy Endings, but it's kind of hard when you have to chase the show around the airwaves.

The cast seems to be taking the move to Friday nights in stride, but Eliza Coupe admitted to ET Online that the ABC shafting does get frustrating. "When we film something we all think is incredible that someone goes, 'Oh man, that was so good — it's too bad no one will ever see it' ... Do we wish there was more publicity? Yeah. But it's undeniable we're making a great show," she said. "I just wish we had more of a push, and I really hope we get a fourth season — but that's not up to me."

Regardless of network shenanigans, Happy Endings remains one of the funniest shows on TV, so do yourself a favor on Friday, March 29 and stay in for a full hour of all-new episodes. After all, someone's gotta save this show.

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