Elizabeth Frisinger Text Message All a Very Funny Hoax

I had my suspicions about this piece yesterday. It just seemed too convenient that someone thought to snap that priceless photo of Elizabeth Frisinger's phone and even more unlikely that she would let someone take the photo. It felt like a hoax.

But like all the other jackasses, I got caught up in the fun of mocking a teenager who accidentally text messaged her dad that she had lost her virginity.

Do I feel like I've been cheated? No. The hoax was good enough that even if it did turn out to be a hoax it was still funny.

Do I wish it had been real? Yes. So. So. Much.

It turns out Elizabeth Frisinger is actually actress Janna Beth (see more photos of her here). What do you think? Do you wish it had all been real? Vote here.

Now just to see it one more time and giggle at what could have been... here's the hoax photo of Frisinger's iPhone message.

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