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Elizabeth Hurley Breast Cancer Research Foundation Hosts A Virtual Hot Pink Evening
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Elizabeth Hurley Lincoln Center Corporate Fund Presents: An Evening Honoring Leonard A. Lauder - Inside
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Elizabeth Hurley Lincoln Center Corporate Fund Presents: An Evening Honoring Leonard A. Lauder - Arrivals
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Elizabeth Hurley Engagement Ring Pictures

By Deena Bustillo on
Elizabeth Hurley's Australian cricketer beau popped the question last night at dinner in Scotland, and, of course, she said yes! The two have been dating about 10 months.The newly engaged couple was spotted on the golf course today for the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship. The actress flashed her big sapphire and diamond engagement ring while her man carried around his clubs at the tournament. Hurley's son Damien also accompanied them on the green. What a happy family! No official engagement...Read Full Story

Elizabeth Hurley Wears Pink for a Good Cause

By Jill Slattery on
Elizabeth Hurley must have a fountain of youth hidden somewhere in her London townhouse. How else to explain how the 45-year-old looks just as svelt and gorgeous as she did 10 years ago?Hurley was attending an Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness Month appeareance. The model has been an ambassador for the brand for a few years and even created an "Elizabeth Pink" shade of lipstick, the proceeds of which benefit breast cancer research.After the event she tweeted, "Had a great time at...Read Full Story

Elizabeth Hurley's Parrot Calls Her 'Mama'

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Elizabeth Hurley’s pet parrot is quite the character. Ping Pong, a Blue Fronted Amazonian, calls her "mama" and even tries to send emails! Hurley wrote on her twitter page: “Naughty Ping Pong gave me a hard nip this morning & then put her head on one side & said 'Hello mama'. Cunning little beast.”It seems the parrot, a breed of bird that is capable of mimicking human speech, has a naughty streak and has even been trying to take control of the 45-year-old beauty’s computer.Earlier this...Read Full Story

Elizabeth Hurley Was Bitten by a Parrot

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We're guessing Elizabeth Hurley may not be the biggest fan of parrots right now. The British bombshell was recently bitten by one!The 45-year-old actress was delighted to be gifted the Blue Fronted Amazonian named Ping Pong for Christmas but is not pleased with how they have bonded since the bird arrived in her home last week.She tweeted: “Ping Pong is enchanting but has delivered the odd sharp nip. Ow. Hope it's just her settling in...”Parrots can be taught to mimic human speech and...Read Full Story

Elizabeth Hurley Has a New Pet Parrot

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Elizabeth Hurley receieved an exotic bird, a Blue Fronted Amazonian, for Christmas, but she only got to pick him up this week.She has called the animal Ping Pong and is very excited about the new addition to her home.Hurley wrote on her Twitter page: “Home soon, where my new pet will be waiting. Yes! Finally, a Blue Fronted Amazonian. Beside myself with excitement.“Ping Pong-the new parrot-was my favourite Christmas present … Making a list of everything I want to teach her to say.”As a breed...Read Full Story