Who Got the Most Thank Yous at the Oscars — Co-Stars or Kids?

Getty Images Academy Awards acceptance speeches are an art. Winners should be clever — but not too clever — and, most importantly, thank all of the people who keep them employed without forgetting the people they live with. It's tough.

This year, stars got up there and gave it their best shot. We paid close attention and figured out who the big winners were most thankful for this year — or at least who they prioritized in their 45 seconds of onstage glory.

Without further adieu, here's the breakdown:
As you can see, the popular choices were co-stars and kids. A good mix of personal and professional, right? Of the 24 speeches of the evening, 19 of the winners mentioned their co-workers. And 17 gave shout-outs to their little munchkins at home. Surprisingly, God only got 2 mentions — one of which was in song.

Directors were thanked 9 times, producers 7 times, agents 3 times, and other nominees 5 times.

There didn't seem to be any glaring omissions from anyone — at least so far.

And with that, we'd like to thank Jared Leto's hair, Lupita Nyong'o's absolute awesomeness, Elsa Pataky's baby bump, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's face for a memorable evening.
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