The ABCs of Booth and Brennan, a TV Romance to Die For


Nothing sparks the fires of romance like crime tape and a pile of bones. Special Agent Seeley Booth and Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan may have been busy solving grisly murders on Fox's hit crime show Bones, but fans know that in between analyzing body matter and final resting places, they found each other.

In celebration of our favorite murder-solving pair, we've put together a handy alphabet guide for all things Booth and Brennan. 

A is for Attitude
Stubborn, highly opinionated, and armed with an arsenal of brain and brawny tricks somewhat alien to the other? It's a match made in quippy romance heaven.

B is for B-Squared
They may be perfect for each other, but their names don't really lend themselves to a convenient couple name. We'll settle with B-squared — or the succinct BB.

C is for Christine Booth
Booth, Brennan, and baby makes three! Born on April 2, 2012, Christine is B-squared's adorable only child (for now!)

D is for David Boreanaz
He first had ladies swooning as a moody vampire on Buffy and Angel, but Boreanaz showed us a whole new sexy/goofy/sweet side on Bones. He was born to play the complicated FBI man, and we couldn't imagine the show without him.

E is for Emily Deschanel
Brennan is the true heart of the show, and Deschanel infuses her character with endearing quirkiness and unique warmth. It's a role lesser actresses would've butchered, but Deschanel nails it with seemingly effortless charm.

F is for Forensic Anthropology
Brennan's character is loosely based on real-life forensic anthropologist and novelist Kathy Reichs, who solved crimes and and then used that experience to craft bestselling mystery novels.

G is for Getting Your Ducks in a Row
Booth once told Brennan he had to "get all my ducks in a row", and even though the metaphor was lost on Bones (as usual), she eagerly offered to be a duck. Booth later recalled this sweet exchange in his wedding vow. 

H is for Heart Muscle
Neither of them are experts at relationships, but Booth always (or at least eventually) saw past Brennan's walls. He told her, "You know what, Bones, sometimes I think your heart muscle is bigger than people give you credit for."

I is for "I'm With Bones"
Even before Booth and Brennan made their relationship official (or had a baby), love interest Camille asked Booth what he would do if she fired Brennan. His reply? "I'm with Bones, all the way. Don't doubt that for a second."

J is for Jeffersonian
And here's where all the magic happens. Or at least a lot of the crime-solving, poking-things magic happens. It's home to the Medico-Legal Lab and Brennan's army of "squints."

K is for Killer Kisses
Seasons of unrequited/unavailable/complicated romantic tension builds up, you know. It releases itself in some pretty steamy make-out sessions.

L is for Letter from the Grave
When Brennan was buried alive, she wrote Booth a letter, in case her body was ever found. In it, she confessed how confused, irrational, joyful, and wonderful he made her feel. 

M is for Murder Most Delightful
We feel slightly guilty saying this, but murder as a backdrop for romance totally works — at least when Booth and Brennan are on the case.

N is for No Holds Barred
Our love birds are routinely dealing with murderers, after all. Neither of them are dainty, and both of them could take us out in a fight any day.

O is for Opposites
Sometimes opposites annoy each other to no end, and something they can't get enough of each other. Luckily, Booth and Brennan are usually the latter. Nowadays, anyway.

P is for Paper Wishes
Booth once wrote down a future date when maybe he and Brennan could be together because when he was a child, he'd write down what he desperately wanted on a paper and burn it — as a childish spell to make his wishes come true.

Q is for Queen Bee
In "The Death of the Queen Bee" episode, Booth goes undercover as Brennan's husband at her high school reunion, solving a crime (obviously) and also giving Brennan the prom night she never had.

R is for Reflecting Pool
Even the best relationships experience hiccups on the way to happily-ever-after. Overwhelmed and conflicted, Booth and Brennan gave each other distance for almost a year — but agreed to meet and catch up at the Reflecting Pool. Unfortunately, this ushered in the short-lived (but long enough) Booth and Hannah era.

S is for Someone
We adore Hank, Booth's grandpa. He gets B-squared. He told Brennan, "[Booth's] big and strong, but he's gonna need someone, everyone needs someone. Don't be scared."

T is for Talent, Charm, Beauty, Money
More words of wisdom for Grandpa Booth? Yes, please! This time to Booth: "[Brennan's] got talent, charm, beauty, money. And you're just friends?" Our thoughts exactly.

U is for Us Against the World
Of course, "happily ever after" will always be relative for a couple like Booth and Brennan (i.e. a couple at the center of a TV show). Season 9 delivered a crazy cliffhanger, one that just might send both of them on the run.

V is for Vows
We daresay Booth and Brennan may have the sweetest wedding vows of all time — or at least of all TV time. Read them here!

W is for Woman in White
In Season 9, Episode 6, after years of will-they-or-won't-they drama, Booth and Brennan tied the knot. Hooray!

X is for eXplore and re-eXplore
A big theme of pre-wedding Booth and Brennan was the notion of exploring what exactly their professional and personal relationship was. We hope this trend follows them into matrimony.

Y is for "You Are the Standard"
While dating other people, Booth admitted Brennan was his standard for all other women. While appropriately swoon-worthy at the time, now she's more than his standard.

Z is for Zest for Life
At the end of the day, Booth and Brennan bring out the best in each other — even when it seems for the worse. They're a family now, and come hell, high water, and all manner of nefariousness, they'll share a love for life, their daughter Christine, and each other. 

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