16 Things Beautiful People Have to Say About the Unimportance of Beauty


You'd think the beautiful people of the world would want to band together to protect the sacredness of their high cheekbones, clear skin, twinkling eyes, and shiny manes. In reality, some of our favorite faces in Hollywood can't stop downplaying the importance of their own gorgeousness. Sure, it's easy to eschew beauty for nobler virtues when you have both, but we can't help but praise these lovely ladies for finding happiness, truth, and purpose beyond the traditional definitions of beauty. 

Don't try to get Scarlett Johansson to respect your outer beauty. She wants your soul.

Outer beauty? Pshh. Just give Taylor Swift some good ol' fashioned sincerity.

Bravery > beauty in Emma Stone's book.

While Lupita Nyong'o is more about spreading the love and empathy.

Jessica Alba 
used to care about beauty, but she's over it now.

For Salma Hayek, beauty isn't as important as who's beholding it.

Charlize Theron sees beauty everywhere — except presumably on her own face.

Emma Watson cares only about inner beauty (though she's cool with having both).

If it's a question of to diet or not to diet for beauty, Jennifer Lawrence has you covered.

Basically, Jennifer Lopez doesn't think your skin is more importance than what it covers.

Liv Tyler would rather see your spirit than your nice cheekbones and makeup techniques.

And Lily Collins embraces the quirky over the traditional. (Hello, eyebrows!)

Miranda Kerr believes in the beauty of all women, not just supermodel women.

Don't change for the world — Sandra Bullock likes you just the way you are.

Shay Mitchell does too!

And last, but not least, Anna Kendrick's meaningful musing on inner and outer beauty.

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