Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield New to the 100 Hottest Couples List

(Pacific Coast News)more pics » Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield (Pacific Coast News) Their romance may be in its infancy, but that didn't stop Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield from cracking the top half of this year's rundown of the 100 Hottest Couples in pop culture.

We can't wait to see The Amazing Spider-Man this summer, mostly for a glimpse of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield's onscreen chemistry, which led to a real life relationship. The couple has been holding hands and kissing in public for months now and it's hard to think their PDA is anything but super sweet. They look great together and are two of Hollywood's hottest rising stars. The redhead can boast about kissing Ryan Gosling in two movies (Crazy Stupid Love and upcoming Gangster Squad) over the last year.

Garfield took a break from acting after 2010's The Social Network but is back with the superhero role and onstage in the Broadway revival of Death of a Salesman. If they can survive the perils of new fame and young love, we have a feeling they'll be a Hollywood power couple in no time.

For those curious about our process of ranking these couples, this year we've refined our definition of "hotness" to rank 100 celebrity couples using the following criteria: Staying Power, Popularity, Success, and Attractiveness. The resulting list includes hot pairings made up of models, singers, actors, ex-wrestlers, reality stars, and more. While the hottest couple of them all, Beyonce and Jay-Z, has been on our list for four years now, 24 of these famous duos also made their debut. Check out the entire feature here.

100 Hottest Celebrity Couples of 2012
100 Hottest Celebrity Couples of 2012
Find out which of Hollywood's most famous pairs have it all: success, attractiveness, popularity and staying power.

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