Woody Allen's 'Magic in the Moonlight' Trailer Will Make You Fall in Love with Emma Stone


This year, we've fallen in love with Emma Stone thanks to her open love for the Spice Girls, her rock solid relationship with Andrew Garfield, and her amazing lip-sync karaoke skills. If you're still not convinced that the actress is impossible not to like, look no further than the new trailer for Woody Allen's 1920s-set dramedy, Magic in the Moonlight. 

In the film, Stone plays Sophie, a socialite and a fraudulent medium/mind reader living in the South of France. Colin Firth is the bumbling Englishman who tries to prove Sophie is a big fat phony, but ends up falling for her captivating charm. In the 2-min clip, Stone displays her miraculous, otherworldly abilities, holds seances, and makes things levitate. Bu, the story here is just how beautiful and amazing Stone's character is. Just for fun, here are all the compliments given to Stone's character in the trailer.

She is... 

-"very pleasant to look at" 
-"a visionary and a vision"
-"A very clever little humbug"
-"likable even if she is a fraud"
-"proof that there is more — more mystery, more magic" 

See, off-screen and onscreen — no one can resist Ms. Stone. Watch the trailer for the film below. Magic in the Moonlight hits theaters July 25th. 

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