Happy 39th Birthday To Hermione Granger

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Emma Watson's Giant 'Time's Up' Tattoo Has A Glaring Error

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Emma Watson Wins Best Actor in a Movie, Praises 2017 MTV TV & Movie Awards for Genderless Categories

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Be Our Guest: Adam DeVine & Hailee Steinfeld Spoof 'Beauty & the Beast' at MTV Movie & TV Awards

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Emma Watson Rightfully Wonders Why a Few Inches of Her Bare 'T**s' Are a Big Deal

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Emma Watson Hilariously Interviews a Nanny for Herself on 'Ellen'

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Emma Watson Puts Her Vocal Chops on Display While Singing 'Belle'

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Emma Watson Addresses 'Beauty and the Beast's Stockholm Syndrome Debate

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Emma Watson Turned Down Cinderella Before Taking on 'Beauty and the Beast'

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New 'Beauty and the Beast' Trailer Shows Off Emma Watson's Singing

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