Erroll Southers TSA

Erroll Southers is a former FBI agent who many saw as the next head the Transportation Security Administration. However, Southers announced on Wednesday that he was withdrawing his nomination to the TSA, due to what he said was obstruction by "political ideology."

Erroll Southers will need to find a new job after withdrawing his nomination to serve as the head of the TSA.
Southers has been embroiled in scandal, since news broke in November that the former law enforcement agent had asked co-workers at the San Diego Police Department to run a background check on his ex-wife's new boyfriend.

Southers later admitted to performing database searches on the man himself, and downloading confidential and restricted law enforcement records, before sending the information on to another law enforcement employee.

"It is clear that my nomination has become a lightning rod for those who have chosen to push a political agenda at the risk of the safety and security of the American people," Southers said in a statement to the press. "This partisan climate is unacceptable and I refuse to allow myself to remain part of their dialogue. The TSA has important work to be done and I regret I will not be part of their success."

"The President believes that Erroll Southers would have been an excellent TSA administrator but understands his personal decision and the choice he has made," said the White House spokesman Nicholas Shapiro in response.
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