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Come with us, if you dare, as we usher in the 2018 horror season with some bold recommendations. Halloween means the scary movies are coming and we've picked out the best ones for you and your friends to look forward to.

This year, the world of horror will see new submissions from time-tested franchises (Halloween, Predator, The Conjuring) as well as bold new visions from indie filmmakers willing to go where others never dare. Plus, Nicolas Cage is back, bathed in blood and carrying an ax.

We've even got a couple of horror comedies on the way. The UK is leading the charge with a new Simon Pegg/Nick Frost horror comedy and another which defies the genre entirely. Anna and the Apocalypse is a rare horror musical! We don't get many of those.

So click through with us as we rattle off the most amazing, destructive, and nightmare-inducing movies coming to theaters this fall. You don't want to miss them.