Eva Longoria Plastic Surgery

Has Eva Longoria had plastic surgery?

According to some rumors, the Desperate Housewives star has has had a bit of Botox and some lip fillers such as Restylane. Nearly everyone agrees the stunning actress, born in 1975, hasn't had any sort of major surgery, such has plastic surgery, liposuction, or similar procedures.

Longoria herself says that she's not interested in anything, including Botox or Restylane, mainly because she's not into needles. “It’s not that I’m against people who do it, but I’m terrified of needles,” she told Maxim in an interview. “I’ve seen those shows with the operations. The sound of the chisel! Aaah! I almost passed out. No thank you. Egg white omelets, some exercise and some eye cream is fine for now.”

We've got a picture of Eva Longoria from 2010 and one from 2005. What do you think?

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