Eva Longoria: 'Starting Over is Hard to Do'

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Life must go on. That's the message Eva Longoria is telling herself -- and her fans -- through Twitter. "Starting over is hard to do, but life goes on. I pray for strength, courage and wisdom on my new journey," Longoria, whose divorce from Tony Parker was finalized last week, tweeted on Wednesday.It's probably easier to move on when you have a new hunk like Eduardo Cruz by your side. Eva has been spotted out with Penelope Cruz's little brother, who is a decade younger than the Desperate...Read Full Story

Eva Longoria's Divorce from Tony Parker Finalized

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Eva Longoria filed legal separation papers against her husband of three years Tony Parker in November, and the union was legally dissolved in Texas on Friday. Speaking on Friday, a source told In Touch Weekly magazine: "The divorce documents will come through today, she is happy and moving forward with her life." Although the 35-year-old star originally filed her divorce papers at Los Angeles County Superior Court, both parties decided Texas was the right place for the divorce to be conducted...Read Full Story

Eva Longoria Has Dinner with Eduardo Cruz: Pictures

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Eva Longoria has been secretive about her social life since her recent split from Tony Parker. She's not talking, but all signs point to a romance with Eduardo Cruz, brother to world-famous Spanish actress Penelope Cruz. On Wednesday night, Eva and Eduardo dined together at Cafe Was in LA, but they came and left separately to avoid being photographed together. Further puzzling fans, Cruz showed up to dinner carrying an unidentified baby.Eva's rep has previously told the press that Eva and...Read Full Story

Eva Longoria Is Planning Victoria Beckham's Baby Shower

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Eva Longoria has reportedly joined forces with actress Kate Beckinsale to throw a lavish bash for their friend – who is currently expecting her fourth child with soccer star husband David Beckham – that will also be a farewell party for the fashion designer and her children Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, eight, and five-year-old Cruz, who are heading to England to be with David while he is training there.A source told More magazine: “Eva Longoria and Kate Beckinsale are organizing a little get together...Read Full Story

Latest Pictures of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker on Vacation in Paris

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Eva Longoria and husband Tony Parker continued to enjoy a European vacation Monday as they toured Paris. Eva was gracious as she was approached by fans, and even posed for pictures. Who knew Desperate Housewives was big in France?While Eva has been enjoying Europe, she recently took on child labor in the United States. Eva introduced a documentary called The Harvest (La Cosecha in Spanish) in Washington DC last week that told the story of the migrant workers younger than 18 who play a vital...Read Full Story

Eva Longoria Hiding a Baby Bump?

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Oh boy. These pictures are sure to get everyone wondering just why Eva Longoria is holding her stomach quite like that.The Desperate Housewives star arrived at LAX with a pillow, looking ready to fly. In the pictures we have, she's cradling her stomach in an odd angle. Either she's suffering from a pre-flight stomach ache, or maybe -- just maybe -- she's hiding a baby bump? You decide.Read Full Story

Eva Longoria Launches Her Perfume

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It was a busy day for Eva Longoria, as the actress and budding entreprenuer launched her own fragrance at her restaurant Beso in Hollywood. It's a happy day for Longoria, who has been promoting the perfume nonstop. It's also something of a personal triumph for Longoria. You see, the Desperate Housewives star had a bit of allergy to most perfurmes. “If someone were wearing perfume next to me, I would sneeze and sneeze and sneeze,” said Longoria, speaking to People's StyleWatch. “I’ve been...Read Full Story

Eva Longoria Plastic Surgery

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Has Eva Longoria had plastic surgery? According to some rumors, the Desperate Housewives star has has had a bit of Botox and some lip fillers such as Restylane. Nearly everyone agrees the stunning actress, born in 1975, hasn't had any sort of major surgery, such has plastic surgery, liposuction, or similar procedures.Longoria herself says that she's not interested in anything, including Botox or Restylane, mainly because she's not into needles. “It’s not that I’m against people who do it, but...Read Full Story

Eva Longoria Parker Is 'Confused' About 'Desperate Housewives' Lawsuit

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Eva Longoria is as surprised as the rest of the world by her former co-star Nicollette Sheridan's claims that the show’s creator Marc Cherry assaulted her. She said: “He’s funny and sweet… and probably couldn’t harm a fly. He’s just so sweet. I do know they had a thing on set. I guess it was a couple of years ago. Nicollette’s a sweet girl, too. I’m really confused about this whole thing.”The actress also admitted she's concerned that the allegations -- for which Nicollette is suing the...Read Full Story

Eva Longoria Height

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Eva Longoria Parker is not a large person. She's reportedly only 5'2" tall and weighs a mere 102 pounds. That's roughly the size of the halibut that John Creviston caught in Shelter Cove, California. It's often thought that Eva's height is shorter than she actually is because she's married to professional basketball star Tony Parker. So the juxtaposition of their respective heights makes it appear that Eva is shorter. Other celebrities that are 5'2" are Avril Lavigne, Emma Burton...Read Full Story