Evan Rachel Wood Smells Like Gucci

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(Getty) Actress Evan Rachel Wood has been an unofficial brand ambassador for Gucci for over a year now, having chosen to wear the luxe brand to nearly every red carpet event. Apparently the love is mutual, as creative director Frida Giannini has just announced that Wood, 22, will be the face of Gucci's new women's fragrance. Giannini gushed, "[Evan] has very strong character. She's young, but rising and [an] influential figure. I didn't want to offer this project to someone overexposed or...Read Full Story

Evan Rachel Wood Plays Coy in this Deceptively Innocent Outfit

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(Bauer Griffin) Evan Rachel Wood posed for pictures on the set of her new movie Mildred Pierce. The HBO miniseries, a remake of the 1945 Academy Award winner, is set in the 1940s during World War II. Evan plays Kate Winslet's rebellious daughter Veda. Even from early production pictures, you can tell the costumes are amazing. It's going to be something for fashion lovers to look forward to for sure. Expect to see stylistic influences from Oleg Cassini, Elsa Schiaparelli, Chanel and Gucci...Read Full Story

Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson Are Engaged

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Getty Images.Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson got engaged in Paris earlier this week, where the dark rocker was performing. He apparently proposed to Evan while on stage, and she said yes, according to Perez Hilton. There will definitely be A LOT of lipstick and eyeliner at that wedding. Marilyn turned 41 today, and the duo apparently got back together just about a month ago. That was a few months after they supposedly got back together and broke up again. But, it seemed more serious...Read Full Story

Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson Are Back Together

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Getty Images. Despite rumors of a fling with her True Blood co-star Alexander Skarsgard, actress Evan Rachel Wood has apparently returned to her lipstick-loving ex-boyfriend, Marilyn Manson. You'd think that Manson had would have entered the realm of no return when he described having fantasies about murdering his ex with a sledgehammer. Or maybe freaked her out a little when he, oh, released a music video in which his character tortured and killed an Evan lookalike. Don't Miss: Marilyn...Read Full Story

Is Evan Rachel Wood Dating 'True Blood' Co-Star Alexander Skarsgard?

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Getty Images; Bauer GriffinWrestler actress Evan Rachel Wood is rumored to be smitten with True Blood actor Alexander Skarsgard, with reports claiming she even flew to the set of his latest film this weekend so she could spend time with him. A source told gossip blogger Perez Hilton: Evan Rachel Wood and Alexander Skarsgard might be a thing. My friend is working on the set of Straw Dogs, a movie starring Kate Bosworth and Alexander in Shreveport, Louisiana. Apparently, Evan Rachel Wood...Read Full Story

Evan Rachel Wood's 'True Blood' Vampire 'Goes Both Ways'

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(Getty Images)Evan Rachel Wood's new vampire character on HBO's True Blood is set to stir up some drama on the show, based on what she told E! about the 1,100-year-old Queen Sophie-Ann. "She's not necessarily a lesbian," Wood said. "Her human partner is a girl, but I'm pretty sure she goes both ways. I think vampires are like that in general."In the True Blood mythos, each state has a queen, and Evan Rachel Wood is playing the queen of Louisiana who holds the rest of the state's vamps...Read Full Story

Evan Rachel Wood Insists She Was Always a Goth Girl

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Getty Images. Don't Miss: Evan Rachel Wood and Shane West Get Cozy Lack of Drugs Made Marilyn Manson Cry Marilyn Manson's New Girl Looks Familiar When actress Evan Rachel Wood, 21, began dating goth rocker Marilyn Manson a couple of years ago, her personal style got a lot more dark. Seemingly overnight, Wood was wearing vintage dresses and pancake makeup, even dyeing her hair a jet black that drew her constant comparisons to Dita Von Teese (Manson's ex-wife, of course).But in an...Read Full Story

Evan Rachel Wood and Shane West Get Cozy

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Wood image via Photo Agency; West via Getty Images DON'T MISS Evan and Marilyn Are Back On Evan Is So Much Prettier Without Marilyn Manson Evan Feels 'Disrespected' Finally, Evan Rachel Wood has found herself a man who wears less makeup than she does. Page Six reports that the Wrestler actress was seen enjoying her single life this weekend with a certain former costar (luckily not Mickey Rourke): The star of "The Wrestler" and former girlfriend of Marilyn Manson was spotted getting...Read Full Story

Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson Together Again

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Getty Images and via GQ. Evan Rachel Wood makes a racy appearance in next month's issue of GQ, with a series of photos shot by Terry Richardson. She also sat to chat about her love life and the tragedy of neutering her cat.As has been rumored for a few months, Wood confirmed that she has reunited with her boyfriend of several years, Marilyn Manson. The two split last fall, amid reports that he'd kicked her brother out of their shared home. She was then linked in the press to her co-star...Read Full Story

Amy Adams and Evan Rachel Wood in Jasmine di Milo

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Getty Images.At Saturday's DGA Awards, Amy Adams wore a sparkling nude Jasmine di Milo dress that very much resembled the dress worn by Evan Rachel Wood to the Critics Choice Awards last month.There are slight differences in the cut: Adams' dress is short sleeved, with a high neck and a low scooped back. Wood's dress also showed off her back, but it had a different neckline and longer sleeves.Which dress do you prefer? I like the dress Evan Rachel Wood is wearing, mostly because it's clingier...Read Full Story