Eve Plumb Doesn't Keep in Touch with the 'Brady Bunch' Cast

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Maureen McCormick, who played always-perfect Marcia Brady on The Brady Bunch, recently told Fox News she stays in touch with everyone from the show except Eve Plumb, who portrayed her onscreen sister Jan. She said, "I talk to everyone from the show except Eve Plumb. We all get along, except for Eve."

Maureen McCormick and Brady Bunch mom Florence Henderson.
Why the falling out? These two used to be friends, but when McCormick published her tell-all memoir Here’s the Story, she included a "joke" that didn't go over so well with Plumb. She wrote that the two of them had a lesbian relationship on set, and Eve was reportedly confused and annoyed by the claim. McCormick, for one, is ready to put the incident behind them: "It’s such a drag because I loved her. I hope we can work it out, she was my best friend on the show. It’s been years since we spoke."

In other Maureen McCormick news, she's working for Access Hollywood and recently lost 24 pounds.

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