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Perhaps the most essential part of our 2018 Fall Movie Preview will be informing you about what's coming out in theaters. We've got recommendations, genre previews, and actors to look out for galore, but we're also covering the basics.

The year 2018 has been a monumental one for the box office. Three of the top 12 moneymakers of all time were released this year (#4 Avengers: Infinity War, #8 Black Panther, and #12 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom). Disney is, once again, raking in the receipts through its ownership of Marvel Studios, LucasFilm (Solo: A Star Wars Story), and Pixar (Incredibles 2).

The blockbuster flicks are fun and all. Who doesn't love a good spectacle every now and again? But movie buffs also need a little intellectual stimulation at the movies as well. Luckily for us, it's September, and that means the summer headliners are fading away and Awards Season is on the rise.

Studios all save their best Oscar movies for the second half of every year to capitalize on marketing campaigns and keep films fresh in voters' minds. This year will be no exception so look for new movies from your favorite auteurs to debut in the coming months. Great movies are released all throughout the year, but the truth is most of them start coming out... now. 

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