Josh Gad Performed 'I Touch Myself' Dressed as Donald Trump, and the World Is Now Complete

Oh, and he also made out with John Galecki.

Josh Gad Performed 'I Touch Myself' Dressed as Donald Trump and The World Is Complete

Josh Gad, the voice of Olaf, has spent the last few years making magical small and big-screen moments for your viewing pleasure. Perhaps, however, there is no greater moment than the time he dressed up as Donald Trump, and frolicked around to Divinyls' wonderful song about tangible self-appreciation, "I Touch Myself."

The moment in this new Lip Sync Battle clip is magic. The actor dons a Trumpian wig, sports a questionable pair of boxers made of money, and gleefully rides a wrecking ball, Miley Cyrus style. Oh, and then he makes out with The Big Bang Theory star John Galecki because true love is putting someone else's needs before yours. 

Gad's episode of Lip Sync Battle will air this Thursday. 


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