An Ode To Peter Kavinsky, Bar Raiser For Men Everywhere

Your new fictional crush comes courtesy of 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before.'

An Ode To Peter Kavinsky, Bar Raiser For Men Everywhere

Dear Reader,

Last night, I tucked in to watch Netflix's latest stab at the rom-com, To All the Boys I've Loved Before. The book-to-Netflix adaptation, based on Jenny Han's 2014 young adult novel, left me giddy. It centers on 16-year-old Lara Jean Song Covey (Lana Condor), who is horrified when her very personal love letters are mysteriously mailed out to five of her former crushes. Lara Jean's lucky letter recipients include Lucas "from homecoming" (Trezzo Mahoro), Josh, the "boy next door" (Israel Broussard), and, of course, Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo), a character so contagiously crushable he has amassed a legion of internet girlfriends, myself included.

At first glance, Peter Kavinsky might seem like your typical Jeep-driving lacrosse jock, but, oh reader, he is so much more than that. This is the type of fictional high schooler who drinks kombucha at a house party because he's driving home; the type of guy who will drive across town to buy your favorite yogurt. This, my friends, is the very type of gentleman who will move the popcorn bowl before a pillow fight so it doesn't spill.

You might think, "Wait, isn't drinking kombucha, buying yogurt, and moving popcorn a low bar for crush development?" To which I say, have you met most men?

And, if you think I'm alone in my unfaltering devotion to young Peter, how wrong you are. Upon finishing the movie, I texted a friend of my newfound love. She promptly responded: "Not to be dramatic, but I'd die for him."

Unsurprisingly, people on social media feel similarly. The mere mention of Peter Kavinsky has rippled through the Twitter timeline at light speed:

Mr. Peter "You Were Never Second Best" Kavinsky has permanently raised the bar for male leads in all rom-coms to come, and for that, we thank him. 

Give me a good historical drama, and I'm a happy girl. Helen Mirren stan.