Let the 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Cast Show You the Funniest Way to Get a Stenographer Fired

Let the 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Cast Show You the Funniest Way to Get a Stenographer Fired
(Fox)One of the downsides to being an actor is doing the seemingly endless rounds of promotion. Answering the same questions over and over again can be understandably exhausting, but there are different ways to deal with that exhaustion. Someone like say, oh, Bruce Willis, for example, becomes a grumpy old man about it. Others who may be more comedically inclined, try to have fun on press tours. The cast and creators of Brooklyn Nine-Nine fall into the latter category.

During a TCA event they spotted something you don't see at every Q&A session: a stenographer. Which opened the door for some world-class heckling. Of course, everything that was said is neatly provided in the transcript excerpt below (because that's the stenographer's job, and she's damn good at it).

MIKE SCHUR: There's some old-timey stenography happening up here. 

DAN GOOR: Everything is all going to be entered into a court of law. 


CHELSEA PERETTI: Will there be a Q and A with you afterwards? (Laughter.) I don't know how that works. 

MELISSA FUMERO: That's what I'm waiting for. 

SCHUR: How is that recording anything? There's, like, eight total keys. 


PANELIST: That's the whole point of stenography. 

PERETTI: She won't talk to us. 


ANDY SAMBERG: She's the best. Don't question it.

SCHUR: I believe you. She looks extremely competent. I just don't understand it. 

PERETTI: She's writing these words.

SAMBERG: I know. 

SCHUR: Watch this: I am a stenographer. (Laughter.) I am a stenographer. I am a stenographer. (Laughter.) She's still writing it. 

GOOR: That's great. 

SCHUR: She has no choice. (Laughter.) Your boss is going to think you went crazy. (Laughter.) 

PERETTI: I resign. I resign. I resign. 


GOOR: My boss is a pig. 


FUMERO: She can't write that one. She can't write that one.

Bless your heart, noble stenographer. No one can question your dedication to your craft.

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