What Does the Cast of 'Clueless' Think of the Movie 20 Years Later? [Video]

“I was just a little actress doing another job and I had no idea."

What Does the Cast of 'Clueless' Think of the Movie 20 Years Later? [Video]
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The cast of cult classic Clueless has gone in very different directions with their lives since its 1995 production.

Alicia Silverstone, who played sweet valley girl Cher, went on to become a vegan author and lifestyle blogger in between acting gigs and motherhood. Paul Rudd, Cher's love interest Josh, has since won a formidable place in Hollywood as part of the A-list comedy crew, and recently saw the release of his new movie Ant-Man. Cher's best friend and sassy confidante Dionne, who was portrayed by Stacey Dash, who is now an actress and controversial political figure.

So given these divergences, how does the cast feel two decades later about the fun movie that spurred their careers? In celebration of the movie's 20th anniversary, ET interviewed the stars to find out, and by and large, each star had nothing but good things to say about their experience.

While Silverstone admitted to disliking the "kind of girl" she played as Cher, she also mentions that she had no idea how massively the movie would explode. Rudd himself was humbled from the start, recalling just how it felt "to be in a movie."

To hear more, watch the interviews below.

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