What Makes Kanye West Happy?

Whether you think Kanye is enigmatic or just an egomaniac, one very important and pressing question remains: What makes Kanye happy? Let's examine.

Does playing Basketball with Kobe Bryant make Kanye happy?What Makes Kanye West Happy?Nope.

What about going to a basketball game with the wife?
What Makes Kanye West Happy?Nope.

Just hanging with the wife, outside of a basketball game?What Makes Kanye West Happy?Guess not.

Family time — family time has to make him happy, right? What Makes Kanye West Happy?Wrong again.

Partying with Justin Bieber will make him happy.What Makes Kanye West Happy?Oh right, he's not a 12-year-old girl. Still no.

What about taking photos with his fans?What Makes Kanye West Happy?Yikes. Nevermind. Let's keep trying.

Halloween? Everyone likes Halloween. What Makes Kanye West Happy?Well, everyone but Kanye.

Does zip-lining make Kanye happy?
What Makes Kanye West Happy?Definitely not.

What about trying to out-cleavage the wife at Fashion Week?
What Makes Kanye West Happy?Nope.

Okay. If there's one thing everyone in the world love, it's ice cream. Surely ice cream makes Kanye happy.
What Makes Kanye West Happy?What Makes Kanye West Happy?What Makes Kanye West Happy?Ahhh, dammit! I give up.

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