10 Costume Ideas On A Budget

No money? No problem. This Halloween, it's all about DIY.

10 Costume Ideas On A Budget

Halloween is almost here, and not only do you not have a costume, but you're running low on funds. Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. But you're in luck because these costume ideas are wickedly cool and won't break the bank!

1. Burglar

10 Costume Ideas On A Budget

Stick 'em up! Get ready to go on a caper, because this costume is so easy, it's a crime.

What You'll Need: Black and white striped long sleeve tee, black pants, beanie, and gloves. Cut a piece of fabric to create your mask, and use a reusable grocery tote as your loot, marking it with a big dollar sign. Cha-ching!

2. Scarecrow

If I only had a brain. Well, you'll definitely be showing some ingenuity when you create this simple, fall costume.

What You'll Need: Flannel shirt, distressed overalls or jeans, and a floppy hat. Find some straw at a craft or home improvement store, and place ample amounts within your outfit. Scarecrows are definitely not neat! Complete the look by drawing exaggerated features on your face. Now, which way is Oz?

3. Mummy

Time to get wrapped up in Halloween! Creating a perfect mummy costume only takes a few, easy steps.

What You'll Need: A white or off-white dress, or shirt and pants. Using gauze from a drugstore, cut strips and wrap all over body. You can also cut up an old T-shirt and use those scraps. The messier, the better. Mummies need to look like they've been rumbling around in their tomb.

4. Ghost

Ready to be BOO-tiful? From ghoulishly girly to scary and spooky, a ghost is a tried and true costume that's sure to live on.

What You'll Need: If you're going for a look à la Lauren Conrad, begin with a simple, white dress. Using tulle, you can add more volume to your outfit, or even create a bow for your hair. The key to this costume is in the makeup. Make your face look pale and add dark circles around the eyes. The more dramatic the makeup, the scarier the look!

5. Mime

This costume needs no words. Using pieces in your own closet, and some makeup, becoming a mime is totally out of the box.

What You'll Need: Black and white striped tee, black pants, suspenders, and a beret or cap. The mime costume wouldn't be complete without the signature face. Using an inexpensive makeup kit, create the clown-like features, maybe even throwing in a few drawn tears for good measure.

6. Nerd

10 Costume Ideas On A Budget

Get ready to geek out! Becoming a classic nerd is easy, especially since most of us already are. Grab your calculator and add up this idea!

What You'll Need: Collared shirt, knee high socks, suspenders, pocket protector, and glasses. This nerd costume can be put together using items you have around your house. If you own a pair of glasses, simple attached tape between the lenses. Place school supplies like pens, pencils, and a calculator in the pocket of your shirt. If you have a backpack, even better!

7. Zombie

Watch out, Rick Grimes! A zombie costume is not only easily achievable, but the best part is you never have to run anywhere!

What You'll Need: Old clothing, the more damaged, the better. If you're not willing to mess up any of your clothing, check out a local thrift store for some finds. Create cuts, snags, and stains, as zombies tend to be clumsy. Using some simple special effects makeup, create a look that's dead on.

8. Piñata

Olé! Remember as a kid, having a piñata made any party cool? Well, now you can totally be the life of the fiesta!

What You'll Need: A piñata and streamers. You can find a piñata and party supplies at any discount store. Dissemble the piñata, using pieces to make a hat, and the streamers to cover your outfit. Want to really make this costume special? Bring a bag of candy and toss it out to your friends!

10. Greaser

Shooby-dooby your way to Halloween. Get that '50s inspired look right out of your closet and ready for the drag race.

What You'll Need: Leather jacket, cuffed jeans, sneakers, and a plain white tee. Slick back your hair in true greaser fashion, and make sure to bring along your comb in your back pocket. The Fonz would be so proud.

11. Corpse Bride and Groom

'Till Death Do You Part. Whether you're engaged, married, or just want to dress up, this costume is as simple as saying, "I do."

What You'll Need: Check out your local thrift store for an old white gown and suit or tux. Much like the zombie costume, the trick is to make the outfit look worn in and dead-like. Accessorize the looks with a bouquet and boutonniere of dried flowers, and add some spooky makeup. Can you hear wedding bells?