Artist Reimagines Disney Characters in a Magical, 'Harry Potter' Way

We're pretty sure this artist is a witch.

Reimagining Disney characters is all the rage right now. We're obsessed with a whole array of princess crossovers and fantastic alternate character lifestyles. So what could possibly add to what we've seen so far? Just one word: Hogwarts. 

Artist Annabella B. (who goes by Eira1893 online) created the magical crossover of our dreams. Her 'Disney at Hogwarts' art has actually been online since April 2014, but we just recently discovered it and fell in love.  She combines the universes of two of our favorite things, and gives us the best of both worlds. 

Her art stays true to both the characters' natures and the Hogwarts location (Belle's fighting with her prince in the library, duh.) Plus, she totally gets the luxury of deciding who goes in which house. Annabella, you're a witch and a Sorting Hat all rolled into one. Do you agree with her picks? 

Tiana and Prince Naveen

Ariel, Eric, Snow White, and Prince Florian

Belle and Prince Adam

Tarzan, Jane, Milo, and Kida

Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora

Hans, Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff

Prince Charming and Cinderella

Jasmine, Aladdin, Merida, Flynn Rider, and Rapunzel

Even Dumbledore and Snape approve: 

Artist Reimagines Disney Characters in a Magical, 'Harry Potter' Way

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