One Man Gave a Lenin Statue a Major Darth Vader Makeover

Good job, Ukraine.

File this under something you don't see every day.

In Ukraine, a statue memorializing the Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin has been turned into Darth Vader. The statue, which was unveiled last Friday in Odessa, is not some silly joke conducting by pranksters under the cover of darkness, but rather a response to a law passed in April requiring the decommunization of Ukraine. 

Artist Aleksander Milov was asked to modify the statue, and being the huge Star Wars fan that he is, turned the stern-faced figure into the dark Sith Lord. “I wanted to make a symbol of American pop culture which appears to be more durable than the Soviet ideal,” Milov told the BBC. Oh, and the statue is know conveniently a Wi-Fi hot spot, so wins for all! 

According to the New York Times, the artist's work has also appeared at Burning Man. So even if you're not feeling the Darth Vader helmet, remember, it could have been stranger. 

On Man Gave a Lenin Statue a Major Darth Vader Makeover
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