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Forest Whitaker 51st NAACP Image Awards - Non-Televised Awards Dinner - Arrivals
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Forest Whitaker City Of Hope Spirit Of Life Gala 2019 - Inside
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Forest Whitaker 2019 Global Citizen Festival: Power The Movement – Onstage
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President Obama Has Seen 'The Butler,' and It Brought Tears to His Eyes

By JJ Duncan on
(Getty Images | The Weinstein Co.)The best place to possibly watch The Butler is undoubtedly the White House viewing room sitting next to President Barack Obama. Unfortunately not many of us are so lucky as to experience such a fantastic thing, but while talking to radio host Tom Joyner about the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's March on Washington, the president was kind enough to expand on the scene. And yes, it brought tears to his eyes."I teared up thinking about not just the...Read Full Story

Predicting Christian Bale's Win Over Woody Harrelson Just by Watching the Trailer for 'Out of the Furnace'

By Lani Conway on
Christian Bale leads an all-star cast in Scott Cooper's (Crazy Heart) crime thriller Out of the Furnace. In the film, Bale plays an ex-steel worker who tries to track down his brother (Casey Affleck), who goes missing after he pisses off Woody Harrelson's menacing character. From here, a new breed of justice is clearly on display. Sure, there's official swat teams and cops (played by Forest Whitaker), but there's also a gun-wielding, armed-and-pissed-off Bale who uses bravery, hope, and mad...Read Full Story

'The Butler' Trailer: History Through the Eyes of One Man Serving Eight Presidents

By Darrick Thomas on
Thanks to its sprawling ensemble cast, The Butler has been generating buzz ever since it went into production, and now we finally get a trailer to see what all the hype is about. The film tells the real-life tale of Eugene Allen (played by Forest Whitaker and named Cecil Gaines in the film), a black man who served as the White House butler for decades, interacting with eight sitting presidents along the way. The history spanning film from Lee Daniels tackles the evolution of race relations...Read Full Story

Forest Whitaker Says He'd Rather Starve Than Accept Boring Roles

By BangShowbiz on
It's no coincidence that Forest Whitaker has landed Oscar-winning parts in films like The Last King of Scotland: He admits his "secret" is to only select the very best roles offered to him by casting directors.He said: "In the beginning of my career I was so idealistic. I didn't care if I got a part. I was just trying to become better. I'd say no to something because it didn't interest me." He added, "I didn't want to play a drug dealer for 10 years on a soap opera. At that time, I didn't...Read Full Story

Forest Whitaker Weight Loss

By JJ Duncan on
Forest Whitaker shocked fans at the 2010 Academy Awards when he appeared onstage sporting a newly thin look. Forest said in 2006 that he had begun losing weight for his work on the cop drama The Shield. Ever since then, Forest has apparently kept losing weight. He appeared on the Oscars to honor Best Actress nominee Sandra Bullock. Forest Whitaker is still known best for roles when he looked a little heavier, such as The Last King of Scotland and The Crying Game. He will also be in the...Read Full Story