Frank Ocean's 'Versace' Remix Lyrics Very Clearly Diss Chris Brown

(Getty Images)Earlier this month, R&B's critical darling Frank Ocean deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts, presumably in a bid to maintain his air of mystery. But he's still updating his Tumblr, most recently with the lyrics to his "Versace" remix, which addresses both his decision to remove his 140-character thoughts from the Internet and his lack of respect for Chris Brown.

(Tumblr)It's not hard to guess to whom Ocean refers in lines like "You could stay seated I'm taking that Grammy."

In between lots of fashion-type name dropping, Ocean also manages the following digs:
  •  "Your music is sloppy"
  •  "I get it when artists go loopy and lose it / and get into opiates"
  •  "You had a lady then she hurt your ego / now you can't forgive her"

Frank Ocean and Chris Brown have been trading barbs since two years ago, when Ocean interpreted a comparison Brown made between him and James Fauntleroy as a subliminal diss and subsequently compared Brown to Ike Turner. Their bad blood bubbled over into a physical altercation at a Los Angeles recording studio in January. Ocean never pressed charges.

Diss tracks are no new thing, but it feels a little odd seeing one come from Ocean — especially considering he's not exactly the underdog in this situation. Who is actually on Chris Brown's side in this whole stupid thing, really?

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