Frank Ocean Gets Sued for 'Channel Orange' Track

(Photo: Getty Images)

Biggie's hip-hop trope of "mo' money, mo' problems" exists for a reason, and it's something Frank Ocean is learning the hard way. Following his first Grammy win thanks to his breakthrough album Channel Orange, Ocean is being sued by Micha Otano, a producer who claims he did not receive proper credit for his contributions to the song "Lost."

The suit alleges that Ocean's producer/co-writer Malay reneged on a verbal agreement and stole Otano's work, passing it off as his own. Otano contends that the basis of "Lost" comes from his song "Daylight."

"Malay (through his lawyers) lied to Otano, claiming that Malay 'completely re-recorded' Otano's work in the process of creating 'Lost,'" according to the lawsuit (obtained by E!). "Malay did so in order to convince Otano to sign away his rights in "Daylight" for $1,500, despite the fact that Malay did use Otano's performances in Lost.'"

Otano is suing both Malay and Ocean individually, as well as Ocean's record label, Island Def Jam. Specifics on the damages Otano is seeking are not disclosed in the suit.

As for the similarities between "Lost" and "Daylight," those are hard to deny after a simple listen:

Otano's "Daylight"                                                     Ocean's "Lost"

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