Frank Ocean and 4 Other Artists Who've Been Forced to Cancel Tours Over Vocal Problems

(Getty Images)Sad news for Frank Ocean fans down under: The "Pyramids" singer has just canceled all his upcoming Australian tour dates.

Apparently all was not well at Ocean's Thursday night performance at Melbourne's Festival Hall.

"After last night's concert... it was necessary to seek medical advice due to vocal issues Frank Ocean experienced during the show," a promoter stated. "It has subsequently been confirmed that Frank has suffered a small tear to one of his vocal cords and has received medical advice that he must rest his voice."

This means that Ocean's planned performance at the Splendour in the Grass festival on Sunday has been scrapped as well.

Ocean joins the ranks of several top artists who've had to quit tours over serious vocal issues.

John Mayer
Ocean's friend and collaborator John Mayer was forced to delay the release of his album Born and Raised after suffering granuloma, or a contact ulcer. In March 2012, he canceled his tour, writing on Tumblr, "I'm pretty emotionally burnt out at the moment, but please know how hard I tried to resolve this and how disappointed I am that I can't perform this record yet."

A vocal cord hemorrhage forced Adele to cancel a 10-city U.S. tour in the fall of 2011. She apologized in a lengthy statement on her official site, writing, "If I continue to pick up everything before I have properly conquered these problems and nipped them in the bud. I will be totally and utterly f**ked. Singing is literally my life, it's my hobby, my love, my freedom and now my job. I have absolutely no choice but to recuperate properly and fully, or I risk damaging my voice forever."

Florence and the Machine
In the summer of 2012, Florence and the Machine pulled out of two major European festivals after doctors told lead singer Florence Welch to rest her vocal cords. On the band's website, she wote, "I've sustained a vocal injury and been told I cannot sing for a week ... seriously I felt something snap, it was very frightening." She later added, "I am so so sorry. I'm so sorry to all the fans, I was desperate to still perform, but was told without question not to, so as not to do permanent damage."

R&B star Maxwell had to pull out of his summer tour in 2012 due to vocal hemorrhaging and swelling. "I know this sucks but after many months of recording I've temporarily damaged my voice," Maxwell explained in an official statement. "I've had issues before during other tours but was able to power through."

Below, see a video of Frank Ocean singing "Forrest Gump" in Melbourne on Thursday night.

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