Models Getting OWNED by Runways

It's weird, right? Models need only figure out a few things in life. How to look pretty. How to look pretty walking down a runway. And how to do my laundry and cook for me. Just kidding, they don't need to cook.

Remarkably, many models have only figured out the "look pretty" part. And don't give me that whole, "have you TRIED walking in heels" because I have, and I can dunk in them. It's not that hard. But it is for some.

To wit: Check out these videos:

This is Miss USA in a sweet remix! Thanks Internet!

This is Carmen Electra. She gets owned by her dress then takes another model out trying to get up. Brilliant. You can't script this stuff.

This is the fashion show equivalent to an episode of Three's Company.  Shaolin dude eats it, then I'm not sure what the hell happens next. Looks like a model falls through the stage. Nonetheless, I submit this video to the category of AWESOME.

In this model's defense, she IS carrying some flower sprinkler thing. Doesn't justify her falling TWICE! Hahahaha!!!

In another incident of runway malfunction, this model goes through it and disappears. She was never heard from again.

And most recently, Miss USA eats it at the Miss Universe pageant. Nice recovery. That was totally on purpose. She didn't win.
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