Here Are 10 Actresses Who Could Play Penny's Mom on 'The Big Bang Theory'

By Areeba Abid on
This TV mama is often mentioned, but when will she be introduced?Read Full Story

'Revenge' 3.15 Recap: 'Struggle' of the Grayson Ladies

By Jessica MacLeish and Linds... on
(ABC)Last week, Patrick killed another person — his rapist dad Jimmy — and the first Mrs. Grayson (Stevie, that is) declared war on Victoria. Also, Stevie is Jack’s real mom. Get it? Got it? Good.Lindsay: This clash of the Grayson lady titans is giving me life. The cleavage, the jewels, the one liners: it’s like Dynasty was renewed and relocated to the Hamptons. Stevie Grayson (the first missus, who clearly has the better name like my idol Stevie Nicks) is staking claim on Grayson Manor, and...Read Full Story

Gail O'Grady Files for Bankruptcy

By Tatiana Guertin on
We all remember Gail O'Grady. That loveable, big-haired receptionist in NYPD Blue. Well, it seems like there was a lot hiding behind those hazel eyes and that too blonde, overteased coif of hers.It seems, according to TMZ, that O'Grady has built up quite the problem with gambling over the past few years. During the downtime between acting gigs, which has been a lot of time, she's built up a hefty tab to two of the largest casinos in Las Vegas.O'Grady, supposedly owes $160,000 in gambling...Read Full Story