Gail O'Grady Files for Bankruptcy

We all remember Gail O'Grady. That loveable, big-haired receptionist in NYPD Blue. Well, it seems like there was a lot hiding behind those hazel eyes and that too blonde, overteased coif of hers.
It seems, according to TMZ, that O'Grady has built up quite the problem with gambling over the past few years. During the downtime between acting gigs, which has been a lot of time, she's built up a hefty tab to two of the largest casinos in Las Vegas.
O'Grady, supposedly owes $160,000 in gambling debts to Caesars and $75,000 to Bally's/Paris Las Vegas. The two casinos have filed paperwork in U.S. Bankruptcy court for these owed charges, and want to make sure that the judge puts them first in line to recover.
The actress allegedly owes a good chunk (by this we mean everything she has) of money to casinos, credit cards, the IRS, her mortgage company and family, friends and colleagues.
But O'Grady, who has filed for bankruptcy, maintains that the casinos knew her financial situation and still offered her lines of credit. 

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