Zimbio Review - 'Killer Joe' is Not Your Daddy's Western

By Joe Robberson on
(Getty Images | Voltage Pictures) FACT BOX TITLE Should you see it? Yes. Why? It's fantastically violent and funny, full of nudity, and contains every curse word ever used... if you like those types of things. There's every other movie in 2012 and then there's Killer Joe, the type of film you just don't see anymore. A throwback to the dirt and grime of '70s films by wild men like Sam Peckinpah, it'll make your mother run for the hills. The blackest of black comedies, Killer Joe's a...Read Full Story

Gina Gershon Stars in 'Everything She Ever Wanted'

By Jake on
Attention Gina Gershon fans: set your DVR for this weekend, because there's a movie coming on that you'll want to watch and rewatch. The actress will star in the Lifetime Movie, Everything She Ever Wanted. Based on Ann Rule novel, Gershon plays Pat Allanson, a Southern belle who gets hitched to a younger man, hoping to get a piece of his family's fortune. However, things don't quite go as planned, a few people get a shot, a few people get murdered, and things get complicated.But don't get...Read Full Story