Listen Up, Dearies! Cinderella Is Returning to 'Once Upon a Time'

Hold onto your glass slippers because this Disney princess is coming back.

Listen Up, Dearies! Cinderella Is Returning to 'Once Upon a Time'

Welcome back, dearie.

Looks like Cinderella is ready for that encore performance, Oncers! Jessy Schram will reprise her role as the Disney princess who's good at losing some very expensive glass slippers, and we couldn't be more excited. Cinderella will return to Storybrooke on Season 6, Episode 3 of Once Upon a Time, and her connection to the Land of Untold Stories will be revealed in detail. The episode will also focus on the origin of Cinderella's friendship with Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) which was first introduced back in Season 1, Episode 4.

The last time we saw Schram on Once Upon a Time was as Cinderella's Storybrooke alter ego, Ashley. Let's hope for another girls night out between her, Snow, and Ruby. Seriously, Snow needs to hang out with people who aren't part of her family. Does the woman have any friends? (Apart from her BFF Ruby, of course, who's busy exploring and romancing her way through other fantastical lands.) It would be nice to see Snow let loose and shed off her responsibilities for a night on the town with Cinderella.

Let's hope this plot line turns out to be pure magic.

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