'Once Upon a Time' Recap: 'Best Laid Plans'

'Once Upon a Time' Recap: 'Best Laid Plans'
Many burning questions from OUAT fans were finally answered on tonight’s episode, including what happened to Maleficent's child and the identity of the mysterious author!

A hero stole my baby!

The dark past of Snow White and Prince Charming was revealed and it sure was a doozy! We find out that after Maleficent’s warning of their child’s potential for great heroism or great darkness, the soon-to-be parents seek answers regarding the baby’s fate. According to legend, touching a unicorn’s horn will give the couple a glimpse at their child’s future. And when you’re in the Enchanted Forest, of course you have mythical creatures readily available! As Snow and Charming both touch the horn, each sees a different vision. Charming sees a sweet baby girl, perfect and pure of heart. Snow, on the other hand, sees an adolescent Emma, full of hatred, who rips out her heart and crushes it! Not your typical teenage angst.

While on their journey back home, they come across a goofy peddler, played by Patrick Fischler (who Lost fans might recognize). The Peddler warns them that Maleficent has turned into a dragon, wreaking havoc on the kingdom. She also has laid an egg and remains protecting it in her cave. #Gross. He suggests that Snow and Charming go through the Infinite Forest and seek the help of an old man who lives at the end of the path. The man turns out to be the Sorcerer’s Apprentice!

Just like Donald Trump’s eager entrepreneurs, this Apprentice is ready to solve their problem. He tells them that both their unicorn visions are correct and that the potential for both destinies remains. The couple seeks magical assistance, but as we all know by now - “MAGIC COMES WITH A PRICE!” The Apprentice can cast a spell that ensures the child’s goodness, however, another living vessel must absorb the potential darkness. Snow and Charming decide to steal Maleficent’s egg, believing that its destiny will be one of darkness anyways. While attempting to steal the egg, they are caught it the act by Mommy Dearest herself. Maleficent begs that they give back her child, however Snow and Charming run off with the egg, promising to return it once the spell is cast.

While the Apprentice casts the spell for fetus Emma, he also sends the egg somewhere it can not harm anyone in their realm with its darkness. As the portal opens, gasp! a human baby is revealed to be inside the egg! Snow and Charming look on in horror at what they’ve done as the baby, as well as Cruella and Ursula, are sucked into the portal.

Later on, Maleficent strikes a deal with Rumple. She will continue to help him on his evil quest to find the Author if he helps her find her long lost child. Rumple reveals in a very Dumbledore-esque way that the child, a daughter, was adopted in this realm and named, Lily. BOOM! Remember Emma’s pathological lying childhood friend? We knew there had to be more to her story!

'Once Upon a Time' Recap: 'Best Laid Plans'
And the fabulous showcase behind door number one is...

From last week’s revelations, we found out that the Author not only is trapped behind the page’s door, but he is actually inside the page itself. The villain crew, plus undercover Regina, attempt to find the missing page. Emma uses her magic to instantly conjure up a fake page for Regina to give to the baddies. However, it wont cut it and Regina just takes a quick pic with her cell. Rumple doesn’t settle for the picture, he wants the real deal. With Maleficent’s help, the entire town is put under a sleeping curse so that the search for the page can continue without a hitch. Just one problem – if you’ve already been under a sleep curse, you are immune. This leaves Snow, Charming, and Henry out and about to protect the page. Henry flees to the Sorcerer’s Mansion, where he finds they key to opening the page’s door.

The two remaining Queens of Darkness plus Regina find Henry in hiding. Protecting her cover, Regina asks Henry for the page. However, being the kid of a reformed Evil Queen, he's picked up a few tricks. Henry actually gave the fake page that his other mom made. Usually, Henry is kind of annoying, but this gave him a little more cred this week.
Snow and Charming, meanwhile, have been debating how to, once again, protect the fate of their daughter. They decide that destroying the page will trap the Author, keeping Emma’s goodness intact. However, this decision could also lead to lies, deceit, and the unhappiness of others. The couple take the page and key away from Henry, but quickly decide that they must do the right thing and tell Emma of their dark deed. It’s pretty fun to see Snow and Charming so flawed, kudos to the writers for making these long-loved storybook characters such real and flawed people. It ain't all true love's kisses and fairy dust wishes all the time!

Although Emma is super upset at her parents, she is now more eager than ever to release the Author. Before doing so, August informs the group that there’s more to know about the mystery man. Authors have been chosen since the beginning of time to record the facts and happenings of life. This last Author abused his power and began to manipulate rather than record. In a flashback, we see that it was the Author that forced the Apprentice to cast the spell sending Maleficent’s child away, claiming it would “make for a better story.” The Apprentice then punishes him by trapping him in the book.

Even with all this information, Emma takes a chance and unlocks the door. Out comes the Author who is...the peddler! The weasely man quickly flees the scene, with Emma chasing after him. He disappears into Storybrooke, most likely ready to write more trouble into the lives of the town!

So who already guessed that Lily was Maleficent's daughter? And what do you think happened to her - did she go full-on dark? Speaking of, will Emma's fate change? We already know the Author is a jerk, what will he write next?

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