'Once Upon a Time' Recap: 'Sympathy for the De Vil'

'Once Upon a Time' Recap: 'Sympathy for the De Vil'

(ABC)This week’s episode was all about everyone’s favorite salt and pepper haired, fur-loving villain Cruella de Vil. Her past is revealed, along with her relationship with the Author, and of course, Dalmatians!

Lifetime Presents: A Fur To Kill For, The Cruella de Vil Story

We’ve all seen Disney’s 101 Dalmatians (special mention goes to the live-action version, because Glenn Close was badass), but how did the evil Cruella de Vil come to be? This week’s episode shared her back story with the viewers, and boy was it creepy!

The episode began with a young, toe-headed Cruella, running away from house, being chased after by her mother’s vicious Dalmatians. Her mother is very cruel to her and locks her up in the attic to live in solitude.

When Flowers In the Attic Cruella is much older, she wishes to go outside, listen to music, and enjoy her life. However, he mother keeps her locked away. Until one day, when Isaac the Author visits their home. Side note: what's up with the random name? You would think since he's so great and powerful he would have a cooler name, like “Arthur the Author,” or something. Anyways, disguised as a newspaper reporter, Isaac wants to learn more about Cruella’s mother and her award-winning dog training. He is quickly turned away, only to find a locked up Cruella. With his help, Cruella escapes the attic and the two decide to have a night on the town! Like a scene from The Great Gatsby, the pair dress in their best roaring 20s looks, drink gin, and dance the night away.

Cruella reveals to Isaac that she is locked away in the attic because she knows her mother’s dirty little secret – that she killed her father and all of her three husbands. In turn, Isaac reveals his secret as well, that he is the Author and his magic quill can change their stories and take them away to another realm. Isaac gives her the powers of persuasion with animals so that her mother’s dogs can never harm her again and the two decide to run away together.

As Isaac awaits for his new love’s arrival, he is surprised by her mother instead. She reveals to him the real reason why she has locked up her own daughter, because she is actually the murderer! Plot twist! A shocked Isaac then realized that his magic quill has been stolen. Cruella confronts her mother at home, using her own Dalmatians against her, and kills her. Dang! Once Upon a Time just got so dark! But wait, it gets even more cray cray.

Isaac finds Cruella sewing upstairs in her attic. She is making herself a fur coat, using the skins of her mother’s Dalmatians! PETA definitely was not to pleased with this episode, that’s for sure. Before Cruella kills again, Isaac quickly steals back his magic quill and pens that Cruella can no long harm another again. Thank God for his quick cursive skills, otherwise he wouldn’t have made it!

Emma Goes Emo

Back in the present in Storybrooke, Emo Emma is still highly disturbed and ashamed by her parents' past choices to help save her goodness. Her stress level is again intensified when Regina and herself receive a video text message from Cruella. Should’ve used Snapchat, girl! Cruella has kidnapped Henry and demands that the Author is killed as ransom.

As the “hero crew” devise a plan to help save Henry, Emma decides not to team up with Snow and Charming, as she fears that she can no longer trust them. Emma is acting like a moody teenager at this point. Like come on, we get it, you’re upset. She either needs to go in her room, put on some Pearl Jam and have a good cry, or get over it already. However, kudos to the OUAT makeup team for giving Emma the angsty-grunge look. From her tousled hair, to the subtle extra eyeliner, Emma looked less of the savior, and more of a hot mess.

Snow and Charming find the Isaac the Author and force him to help them by revealing Cruella and Rumple’s plans. Isaac tells them that because he had written in the past that Cruella cannot kill anyone, Rumple plans to use this against Emma, forcing her to harm Cruella and go to the dark side.

Emma then finds Cruella and Henry near a cliff in the woods. Cruella threatens to kill Henry, but mama ain’t no fool! An enraged Emma uses her magic to throw Cruella off the cliff, killing her. Oh snap! Does this make Emma Darth Vader now? Is she now on Team Rumple?

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