'Once Upon a Time' Recap: 'Mother'

'Once Upon a Time' Recap: 'Mother'
(ABC)In honor of Mother’s Day coming up, this week’s Once Upon a Time was all about Storybrooke’s favorite mommies! From the good, to the bad, to the downright wicked.

Snow and Emma

Emma and the rest of the crew arrive back in Storybrooke, bringing along Lily, Zelena, and Robin. Emma happily gives hugs to her son, Henry, and her swashbuckling hottie, Hook. However, still no love for her sweet parents. Haven’t Snow and Charming said sorry enough? Emma is still furious at her parents for not only taking Maleficent’s only child, but also lying about it.

Emma and Hook later have a pirate’s version of a picnic – sharing a flask of rum down by the docks – where he admits that although he is happy with her and proud that she did not let herself go dark, she needs to forgive her parents. It’s nice to see that Hook has bonded with his girlfriend’s parents. Does this mean he’ll put a ring on it soon? Will a nautical-themed wedding be in the future?

When Snow becomes injured when trying to help Maleficent find Lily, Emma rushes to her side. With a swoosh of her hand, her massive head trauma suddenly disappears. Okay, how did Emma’s magic go from sparks to full-on healer? Emma finally forgives her mother and father and wants to move on. Grudge be gone!

Maleficent and Lily

Maleficent has waited a long time to meet her daughter. When she finally does, it’s not necessarily the happiest reunion. As Maleficent sheds tears of joy, Lily has permanent bitch face. What is it with this girl? Oh yeah, she’s filled with darkness. As Maleficent wants to try to reconnect with her daughter and start a new life together, Lily would rather plot revenge. Maleficent admits that she has put that life behind her and would rather have some mother/daughter bonding time then villainous plotting. But Lily is out for blood and threatens to leave Storybrooke – for good.

When Regina steals Lily’s blood, she doesn’t just become pissed, she becomes a dragon! Dragonlily, which looks like the newest creature from a Jurassic World trailer, flies over the forest, with her mother, Snow, and Charming on her tail. (Pun intended.) Dragonlily is not used to her shape-shifting ways and becomes vulnerable. Maleficent then finds the perfect opportunity to nurture by giving her a baby rattle. She’s a little rusty at this, but she offers to help Lily be a “scary dragon bitch,” and Lily agrees to stay in town for another week.

Cora and Regina

Flashback to the Enchanted Forest, Regina is still grieving the loss of her beloved Daniel on the anniversary of his death. She even kills a young groomsmen out of anger – which was kind of terrifying. As Regina visits her beloved’s grave, Mommy Dearest Cora arrives. She tells her daughter that she has been living in Wonderland and there has learned the error of her ways. If you watched Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, you know that Cora actually ends up becoming the Queen of Hearts. She probably hasn't changed much by chopping off people's heads. She apologizes to Regina for her wrongdoing and taking away her love and wants to find her other soulmate.

Cora visits a local tavern, searching for the mysterious lion-tatted soulmate, when she meets the Sheriff of Nottingham. More like the Sheriff of Naughty-ham! Was he hitting on Cora? Me thinkest so! Cora and the Sheriff devise a plan that will benefit them both. Cora gives the Sheriff a magical and fake tattoo, passing him off as Regina’s chosen one. She also turns Regina into a side-pony princess for her big date. As the two new lovers talk and the Sheriff begins to cop a feel under the apple tree, Regina discovers his true identity. She turns his fake lion tat into an actual mini lion (do those come in temporary?) and finds out her mother’s deal: the Sheriff could become King if he gives Regina a child.

Regina confronts her mother about her deception, but Cora sticks with the claims that she only wanted her daughter to find love and to be happy. Regina of course isn’t buying into it. “Love is weakness,” she says. Regina then drinks a potion that will make her no longer be able to have children, taking away any opportunities for Cora to regain power over the kingdom.

From her own past mistakes and the fear of becoming her mother, Regina ends up sparring the life of her pregnant, boyfriend-stealing sister Zelena. Rather than having her written out of the book by the author, she chooses to create her own happy place in the world with Robin, and with Zelena far way – including serious visitation rights. But, the author has other plans…

What did you think of the episode? What will the author write in Heroes & Villains? The 2-hour season finale is next week! Share your predictions on how this season will end with us!