'Once Upon a Time' Recap: 'Unforgiven'

&squot;Once Upon a Time&squot; Recap: "Unforgiven"
Tonight’s episode of Once Upon a Time was one big tease at Snow White and Prince Charming’s big, dark secret – including plenty of flashbacks, bombshells, and baby mama drama!

Innocent Until Proven Evil?

The two latest additions to Storybrooke, Cruella and Ursula, have many of the townspeople unsure of their intentions. While Regina believes that they have indeed changed their evil ways and seek redemption, few feel the same way. Even Granny will not serve them drinks! “We reserve the right to refuse service to any former-villains.”

Snow and Charming know that the two queens are up to no good and Charming enlists the help of his daughter/town sheriff, Emma, to find out what they're really up to. What looks like an innocent visit to Belle and the pawn shop for a new hood ornament for Cruella’s ride, actually is a chance to get one step closer to resurrecting their third cohort, Maleficent. While distracting Belle, Ursula sneakily slithers one of her tentacles to the back room and grabs a box containing one of Maleficent’s possessions.

As they leave the shop, Starsky and Hutch, a.k.a. Charming and Emma, pull them over to take a closer look inside their vehicle. The interior of Cruella’s car looks like an episode of MTV's Pimp My Ride, including bright red faux fur and secret compartments. One of those compartments contains the item they stole from the pawn shop, which Charming secretly steals and sends the two queens on their way.

Teaming up with the Queens of Darkness

In the Enchanted Forest B.C. (Before Curse), Snow and Charming arrive back at their kingdom after their honeymoon, only to find that the palace has laid victim to a sleeping curse and awaiting them with a deal are the Queens of Darkness. They tell the two newlyweds of the Evil Queen’s plans to unleash the dreaded, dark curse and seek their assistance in stopping her. The queens tell of a magical Tree of Wisdom, which can answer any question as long as it comes from two valiant heroes.

On their journey to the tree, Maleficent turns into her badass dragon form and, much to Snow and Charming’s disapproval, roasts a few palace guards to a crisp. When the heroic duo attempt to seek answers from the Tree of Wisdom, the tree turns all Wizard of Oz on them and rejects their plea. Maleficent knows exactly why the plan did not work – because Snow is with child. The product of true love, the child’s destiny could be one of goodness and great heroism, or it has great potential to become full of darkness.

The Dark Queen Rises

Snow and Charming take Maleficent’s token and head to the caves underneath the library where her ashes remain, in hopes of stopping any plans of her resurrection. But then, smack! Ursula knocks them out cold with her tentacle. Rumple instructs the two queens, as Cruella takes the final ingredient needed to their spell – the blood of the people who wronged her most. She cuts Snow and Charming’s hands with a dagger and like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Maleficent returns. She vows to make the heroes feel great pain in their future.

But what is the big secret? Tell us already!

In a flash back to the Enchanted Forest, Snow is awakened in her bed by Maleficent, who tells her that she too is pregnant. She asks that they team together to defeat the curse and protect both of their children. Snow wants nothing to do with Mommy Dearest, saying that she will not succumb to darkness to protect the realm. She will do whatever she can to ensure that her unborn child is full of goodness.

Cut to present day, Snow secretly meets with Regina in the woods. (Why is it always the woods?) Snow tells her of Maleficent's rising and plans to take away all their happy endings. She enlists her to go undercover and find out what the Queens of Darkness have planned. Snow also admits that even though she took away Regina’s happiness by divulging of her secret, she must ask for her help to protect one of her own. And the big secret is...because of Snow and Charming, Maleficent lost her child!

What does that mean? Could the child be alive? Perhaps another town member of Storybrooke?

Other notable happenings in the episode:

- Hook and Ursula have romantic history [insert tentacle joke here].

- Pinocchio made an appearance and Geppetto gave Regina all of August’s old stuff in hopes of finding The Author.

- Belle has moved on...with Will Scarlett! Ooh la la! This is interesting!

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