Giuliano Stroe, Incredible Boy Hercules, Wows Audiences With Feats of Strength

Giuliano Stroe is a 5-year-old Romanian boy who took an early interest in exercise and is now totally friggin' ripped like you never were or ever will be. Besides having abs of steel, Giuliano has the ability to do upside-down push-ups while perched upon a pull-up bar.

Giuliano Stroe celebrates setting a world record. (From Guinness World Record Show)
Over the summer, young Giuliano wowed audiences when he broke a world record by walking 10 meters on his hands while carrying a weight ball between his feet in 24 seconds. Audiences applauded Giuliano, who got himself and the crowd pumped up by showing off his incredibly gymnastic and strength skills. The kid can bend over backwards, put his hands on the ground, then flip his feet up and put them back down again. It's probably not a good idea to try that at home.

Giuliano isn't the first little Hercules to amaze on-lookers. In 1996, then-6-year-old Richard Sandrak bench pressed an incredible 210 pounds with his tiny, ripped arms and chest. Sandrak, now 17, is working on transitioning into acting because once you hit 16, the novelty of a super-buff child is pretty much gone.

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