Google Went Down Today: Details and Best Tweets

By Deena Bustillo on
Google went down this afternoon, just shy of 4pm PT, and Twitter exploded with hilarious tweets from concerned users all over the world. HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?!Anyway, within minutes Gmail and the rest of the web came back and everyone could go about their day (well, except for some really stressed out Google engineers, perhaps). Here's some of the funniest tweets about the ordeal: Of course, some users used this moment to try to convince people to switch to Bing. And claim that the world was...Read Full Story

What Is Google Project Glass?

By Adam Wenger on
Though your mother might think Google is only good for its search engine, the tech giant has become a multi-billion dollar company by creating and acquiring a number of successful side projects, whether it's Gmail, YouTube, or Google Maps. Which brings us to Google's Project Glass -- the next big thing... maybe. Question is: What exactly is Project Glass? On paper, it sounds like a key plot device in a comic book. But no, this is real, at least in concept anyway.Basically, Project Glass is...Read Full Story

Meet the Ideas of Google X, Google's Top-Secret Research Lab

By Darrick Thomas on
(photo by Google)Google is heralded as one of the most forward thinking, technologically savvy companies in the world, but even after all it's pioneered, Google hasn't even scratched the surface of its capabilities. Although it make be one of the biggest, most successful businesses ever, that doesn't men the people behind the tech giant have lost the innovative, entrepreneurial spirit that got them where they are today.Meet Google X, a highly secretive, highly advanced research and...Read Full Story

Google's 'Do a Barrel Roll' Captivates Bored Nation

By Darrick Thomas on
Those cheeky brainiacs at Google are at it again. No, it's not the guitar playing homepage, nor is it the Sesame Street tribute; it's simply a few seconds of search engine motion sickness. If you haven't checked Twitter or Facebook lately, then this may be the first time you hear about "do a barrel roll."The phrase "do a barrel roll" is a command that your computer will actually obey, giving you the illusion of dominion over the far superior device. Go ahead, give it a try. Type "do a barrel...Read Full Story

Search Engines Google's Les Paul Guitar (Video)

By Lauren Gerber on
In honor of Guitar hero Les Paul's 96th birthday, Google out-innovated itself with a playable guitar as its homepage picture. The search engine's known for creating fun Google logos in honor of legends' birthdays, but this is a first for an interactive musical instrument. Wednesday's Google image was a "guitar," with strings that viewers could strum away to and create a little song of their own.┬áThe homemade songs turned into a YouTube viral trend -- especially someone's rendition of Twinkle...Read Full Story