Sinkhole in Guatemala 2010 Pictures

Located in Guatamala.
Caused by
tropical storm.
300 feet deep.
This is easily one of the most stunning things we've seen. After a tropical storm tore through Central America, a massive 60-foot-wide sink hole has opened up in Guatamala.

The sinkhole in Guatemala. (
The sinkhole has already reportedly swallowed a three-story building, and some believe it could get even bigger. The hole is over 300 feet deep, according to James Currens, a hydrogeologist at the University of Kentucky who spoke to National Geographic.

Sinkholes are formed when water-soaked soil becomes too heavy, pressing down and compressing previously airy bubbles with the earth. In the presence of heavy flooding, sinkholes can open suddenly.

You can see pictures of the sinkhole in Guatemala below, as seen on

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