No Evidence That Jesus Died on a Cross?

Gunnar Samuelsson wonders is Jesus actually died on a cross.
Gunnar Samuelsson is a theologian at the University of Gothenburg.  He made headlines this week by publishing a 400 page thesis on the history of crucification.  In his report, Samuelsson suggests that there is little to no evidence that the religious figure Jesus Christ died on a cross.

The cross has become the dominant symbol of the Christian faith.  Most Christians believe that Jesus was executed by the state on a cross

Samuelsson explains:
When the Gospels refer to the death of Jesus, they just say that he was forced to carry a "stauros" out to Calvary. 'Stauros' is actually used to describe a lot of different poles and execution devices. He goes on to explain that early historical texts suggests that Roman's seldom used crucifiction to execute prisoners.  Instead, they used poles and crosses to hang the dead (after the fact).  He explains, "If you search for ancient texts that specifically mention the act of crucifixion, you will end up with only two or three examples."

The blogoshpere has been quick to criticize Gunnar Samuelsson's thesis and conclusion.  What do you think?  Is crucification accurately described in Christian manuscripts?
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