Casting for Disney’s Live-Action ‘Aladdin’ Is Turning Into a Damn Mess

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This magic carpet ride is experiencing some major turbulence.Read Full Story

Guy Ritchie to Put the 'Action' in the Live-Action 'Aladdin' Movie

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The British director is known for his fight scenes, not so much his family friendliness.Read Full Story

Charlie Hunnam Gets Steamy With His Sword in First 'King Arthur' Photos

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Can we please join the Round Table?Read Full Story

Guy Ritchie at Royal Wedding (Pictures)

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Guy Ritchie, the filmmaker and Madonna's former hubby, arrived at the royal ceremony looking a little shy. He was one of very few "celebrities" invited to the huge affair, but here's a fun fact: he's actually a fifth cousin twice removed to Kate Middleon! (But we could probably all say that about ourselves.)Kate Middleton and Prince William are set to wed on April 29th at Westminster Abbey ceremony in front of 1,900 guests including a flock of royalty, dignitaries, celebrities, socialites and...Read Full Story

Guy Ritchie Is Selling Super Expensive Fish and Chips at His London Pub

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Guy Ritchie is selling the most expensive fish and chips we can imagine at his London pub, the Punch Bowl. For $110 you can participate in the ‘Thank Krug it’s Friday’ dinner where you'll get battered fish and chips and half a bottle of famous Krug champagne. Save your pennies! A Punch Bowl regular told The Sun newspaper: "It's a down-to-earth pub. There often isn't anyone famous in at all - it's really popular with young office workers. But you've got to cater for everyone. And if that...Read Full Story

Does Guy Ritchie Have a New Girlfriend?

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Spotted: Madonna's ex-husband Guy Ritchie saying goodbye to model Jacqui Ainsley in his pajamas on his doorstep earlier this week, as she left his London apartment.The 41-year-old director had a big smile on his face, probably because the 28-year-old beauty in question was recently pictured as a semi-nude video game character.Jacqui, who played vixen Madison Paige in PlayStation 3’s best-selling game Heavy Rain, showed off her womanly curves as she stripped off for a body-imaging session.A...Read Full Story

Guy Ritchie Was the Target of a Failed Robbery

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He's known for directing sylish films about the gritty underbelly of the London criminal world, but Guy Ritchie was nearly the victim of a crime himself. His staff disturbed an intruder at his country mansion on early Monday morning.The 41-year-old film director called police after the man was found wandering through his property near Salisbury, England. The man was believed to be looking to steal movie memorabilia.A source told The Sun newspaper: “This man was found wandering about. It was...Read Full Story

Guy Ritchie Is Going to Have a Busy 2010

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Guy Ritchie is going to be switching gears a little from movies to music. The British director is said to be starting his own label because he thinks The Punchbowl Band, an Irish folk group who regularly play at his London pub The Punchbowl, has what it takes to make it big. So, he wants to give them a hand. The filmmaker, who was previously married to pop superstar Madonna, said: “It’s exciting to venture into the music industry. It’s a tough place but I’ve seen this band connect with...Read Full Story

Zimbio Movie Review: 'Sherlock Holmes'

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Sherlock Holmes is an action movie with an IQ, a fast-paced spectacle that expertly matches brain to brawn. Guy Ritchie's adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous novels is irreverent, funny -- and most likely not what Doyle had in mind while penning his masterpieces. But watching Sherlock Holmes deduce his way through drab 19th century London, all while dishing out clever cut-downs and narrowly escaping death about a hundred times, is undeniably charming. Robert Downey Jr.’s Holmes...Read Full Story

Guy Ritchie Thinks Madonna is a Good Actress

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Photos by Pacific Coast News and Flynet PicturesGuy Ritchie, who recently directed Sherlock Holmes, claims Madonna's acting talents are unfairly written off because people struggle to imagine her as anything other than a pop superstar. Ritchie divorced the "4 Minutes" singer after nearly eight years of marriage in 2008. Madonna is more popular as a musical performer. He said: “If you ask me, I think she’s all right. I think she’s perfectly good. I just don’t think people can get her persona...Read Full Story