If All Else Fails, This is What Taylor Swift's Next Job Should Be

InstagramTaylor Swift is the perfect pop star, don't get us wrong. She's incredibly talented, has a fantastic sparkly concert wardrobe, sings about all her ex-boyfriends, and somehow manages to not make parents mad. It's a gift, really. But, just imagine for a second that things really go south — say, she never dates again and has no more musical inspiration and her career just plummets into nothing — what would she do? Well, other than retire on her sizable fortune, we have the perfect thing: She could be a professional cookie baker.

Swift is already a lover of homemade baked goods, as evidenced through her social media channels. Seriously, the girl has a sweet tooth and loves sharing her hobby with her celebrity friends. She'd probably be so happy in the kitchen all day with her cat, a good friend, and a vat of cookie dough. (Who wouldn't, really?)

Still not buying it? Maybe after you take a stroll through her sugary social media snaps you'll believe:

She already made cookies with Olympian Gracie Gold this week.
"First we baked a bunch of cookies and then we made faces," she wrote on Instagram.

And she bakes solo during her down time.
"Days off are for......"

She formed a "new girl group" with Kelly Osbourne over the holidays.
"#TheCulinaryPatienceTurtles," as Osbourne called it.

See? Delicious chocolate peppermint cookies.

And she'd have the cutest advertisements.
"Home made foodie heaven," for the win.

Plus, she already knows how to do volume baking.
"Massive baking day."

She even loves cooking according to the season.
Pumpkin spice cookies with cream cheese frosting, anyone?

And has cute, talented friends to vouch for her.

See? She could be the singing Martha Stewart if she put her mind (and oven) to it.
The Director of Editorial Operations at Livingly Media and lover of all things sprinkles.