Celebrity Inventors and the Patents They've Filed

By Jake on
(Getty Images |, these celebs may have already acquired fame and fortune, but they still had the urge to create. To that end, the put applied for various patents, seeking to put their name on inventions ranging from anti-gravity devices to infant garments. With the help of Google's Patent Search, we dug up their designs. Enjoy! Harry Connick Jr. Invention: System and method for coordinating music display among players in an orchestraFiled: Nov 23, 1999Patent Number: 6...Read Full Story

Harry Connick Jr. Calls Out Blackface Jackson 5 Tribute on Australian TV Show

By Olivia on
Getty ImagesHarry Connick Jr. appeared as a guest judge on the Australian television show Hey Hey It's Saturday yesterday (even though it was Wednesday) and he was less-than-amused by one group of doctors who performed a Jackson 5 routine in blackface -- except the Michael Jackson impersonator, whose face was painted white. According to, Connick became "visibly uncomfortable" watching the act and ultimately awarded them zero points. He said that if the routine had aired in...Read Full Story