'Nashville' Recap: 'We've Got Things To Do' Drama Rankings


Nashville should try going one week, just one week, without a big shocker to end the episode. For one, it would show some restraint and let a plot point carry on for a little longer, and for two, it always messes up my drama rankings!  Here are the rankings for this week’s episode, “We’ve Got Things To Do.”

1. Will
Will and Layla’s issues from last week carry over and Layla tries to fix them by purchasing sex toys. Will takes a peek in her shopping back and says, “I don’t need this.” Nope, you need Brent. Or even someone else who isn’t female. Layla was dropped from Egdehill last week and this week decides that Brent of all people should be her new manager. Will gets offered a spot on Luke Wheeler’s tour and accepts it which upsets Layla because Brent wanted to plan a “hashtag Will and Layla road trip” tour. They effectively break up, but mostly she’s pissed and he just walks away. Brent comes to visit Will and tells him, “The more famous you get, the bigger the microscope gets,” meaning, “Someone is going to out you soon, so keep dating Layla if you don’t want that to happen.” (Earlier in the episode it was brought up that someone from Will’s high school knows he’s gay.) So what does Will do? He PROPOSES TO LAYLA! And she says yes! Nooooo! Will! That is not going to solve anything! Also, this relationship started out as a fraud — and not the beard kind, the let’s-do-this-to-sell-records kind — and somehow everyone seems to have forgotten about that including the people in the relationship.

2. Juliette
Juliette, Highway 65’s newest artist, has a meeting with Rayna discussing plans for how they’ll reveal their partnership. (P.S. Tandy is at this meeting. What? I thought Tandy was fired.) Rayna invites Juilette to some party for her new album, but tells her not to mention that she’s been signed. Juliette agrees, but at the party she gets jealous of all the attention Scarlett is getting and tires of hearing talk of other available musicians. In typical Juliette fashion, she walks up on stage and announces that she’s been signed. Naturally, Rayna is furious, but deals with Juliette the next day. She tells the little drama stirrer that she’ll lose her house if Highway 65 fails and Juliette is like, “Oh snap. She has kids! Maybe I shouldn’t have been a horrible person.” Rayna decides that the best way to fix this is to perform a duet with Juliette during her Opry performance that night. I think the idea is that this will show the public that Rayna approves of Juliette, but the Opry audience is not feeling it. They’ll come around eventually.

3. Maddie
Nice to see Maddie back in the drama rankings isn’t it? Maddie was such a moody teenager in this episode and it was amazing. Teddy is frustrated with her for focusing too much on music and not on her schoolwork, so he takes her guitar away. She later tries to rebel by wearing a ton of eyeliner, but he makes her take it off. Teddy ends up grounding her when he finds out she lied about working on a school project and ups her punishment to a full month when she pulls out that insult she will always conveniently have in her back pocket. “I wanna live with my real dad!” Maddie ends the episode sneakily uploading a video of herself singing on YouTube under the name Maddie Claybourne. Burn!

4. Teddy
Teddy doesn’t want the car hookup with Megan to be a one time thing and finds her at Rayna’s party to tell her. He’s pretty forceful about it. He says something about how she can’t possibly see herself with Deacon in the long run. She denies his advances, but it seems pretty clear that Teddy’s right and there won’t be a Deacon and Megan wedding anytime soon. There might be a Layla and Will one though! The ridiculousness of that still hasn't worn off.

5. Gunnar

Oh, hi Gunnar. It’s nice to see you visiting us from your usual spot at the bottom of the list. Gunnar is very whiny on this episode because Avery and Zoey aren’t into the idea of being in a band anymore. When Avery quits and says they should just be friends and play for fun sometimes, Gunnar responds, “I’ll be sure to bring the balloon animals next time.” Jeez, Gunnar. Calm down. Gunnar also gets annoyed at Zoey for going on back-up singer auditions without telling him, but ends up coming around because he realizes she was just jealous. Oh and she doesn’t get the part so that’ll probably help him chill out too.

6. Scarlett/Avery
Scarlett needs a new producer and suggests Avery because she trusts him. Rayna somehow still doesn’t know who Avery is, but agrees that he sounds like a good idea. Avery tells Juliette about the idea and she gets mad because he’ll produce for Juliette, but wouldn’t take a $250,000 producing deal from Edgehill and convinced her to not take her part of that deal either. Anyway, it ends up working out fine and it looks like Avery’s going to produce for Scarlett. Also, Scarlett popped a pill this episode! She’s still popping pills! This shouldn’t be as exciting as it is, I’m just glad this whole issue wasn’t forgotten.

7. Rayna
Rayna only deals with Juliette in this episode. See above.

8. Deacon
Luke Wheeler asks Deacon to join his tour (people cannot just switch tour line-ups all the time in the real world, right?) and Deacon responds that he has to ask someone first. It’s Megan, duh. Megan tells him that she doesn’t think it’s something that he can turn down. I think she means, 'Yes! I get to have car sex with Teddy again!' Poor Deacon.

What did you think of tonight’s Nashville? Did the proposal shock you? Do you think there will be a wedding or will this engagement be called off by the end of the next episode? Talk it out in the comments!

(All photos: ABC)