'Nashville' Recap: "She's Got You" Drama Rankings


While I was watching tonight's Nashville, I was thinking, Hmm this episode seems a little less fast paced compared to the others this season. We were still getting storylines for all of the characters, but something just seemed off. Then the last five minutes of the episode happened and I knew why-- they were saving all the good stuff for the end. Seriously, the ending of this episode was crazy pants. First one shocking thing, then another, then ANOTHER. Boom! Boom! Boom! Sweeps isn't this week, Nashville! Calm down. Here's the very drama-filled drama rankings for “She's Got You.”

1. Juliette
This week Juliette, Will, and Layla are in Houston for their tour. Also in Houston is Charlie Wentworth because he's rich and thus is able to show up everywhere. He's actually there because he conveniently owns a bunch of radio stations. Naturally, he and Juliette get it on in her dressing room immediately. After her concert, Juliette finds out that a ton of the press left after Layla's set. She vents to Charlie about it and also complains about a local radio DJ, Bobby Delmont, who is known as Santa Claus because “young girls have to sit on his lap to get airplay.” 

Later, Juliette finds out Charlie had Santa Claus fired and she freaks out because she can handle her own problems and this is just the way the business is, okay?! Sometimes you have to allow weird older men to creepy up on ya! But later, Juliette has come to terms with Charlie's intervening and uses it to her advantage. She invites Bobby to her dressing room and tells him that she was responsible for his firing, and rehiring, because the Wentworths love her and will do whatever she wants, so he better give her double the airtime of Layla and never mess with her again. Back at their hotel, Juliette runs into Layla in the elevator and tries to give her advice about not letting industry men take advantage of her. Layla tells her she doesn't need her help and then Juliette says one of my favorite lines ever, “I guess nice just ain't my color.” 

Then — and this is a big then! — Juliette gets back to her hotel room when there's a knock at the door. She thinks it's Charlie, but it's his wife and she says “I know you're sleeping with my husband... but the question is, why aren't you sleeping with me?” And then she kisses her! What. Just. Happened?

2. Will
Will has committed himself to going along with the whole #LaylaAndWill thing and Layla convinces him that it'll be easier if they're nice to each other. In their hotel restaurant one night, Will is having a drink at the bar when he overhears a buncha homophobic jerks giving Assistant Guy (the one Will used to hook up with) and his new boyfriend a hard time. Will doesn't do anything about it just yet, but at the crazy end of the episode, starts beating the crap out of two of the jerks in a parking deck without explaining why. I mean, he's kind of famous now. Aren't they going to see his picture in a magazine one day and go, “Hey! That's the guy that beat us up.” But Will wasn't done yet. He then storms into Layla's hotel room and starts making out with her because he's so darn macho. She responds, “It's about time.”

3. Layla
Layla's number three because all of her interactions above. She's the worst.

4. Deacon
Deacon convinces Avery to play guitar for him because of his damaged hand. Deacon tells him they'll be playing at a place in a nearby town called Shot Gun Sally's since he's too embarrassed to sing in Nashville post-accident. Avery doesn't help when he lets Deacon know he looks awkward singing without the guitar. On the way to Shot Gun Sally's, Avery tells Deacon that the Bluebird misses him and Deacon responds with a bunch of self-loathing things as per usual. Avery looks like he wants to crack the window to let some of the sad out of the car. They arrive at the bar, it's really a comedy club, so they head back to Nashville and perform at the Bluebird to everyone's delight. Even Deacon's.
5. Maddie
Maddie can really bring the drama when she needs to. This time she's upset because her dad is marrying Peggy—that's right, there's a marriage this episode too-- and she doesn't want to perform at the wedding. Of course she doesn't! Why would anyway expect her to? She complains about it a bunch, but decides to go ahead with it. Then she tells her mom that she wants to see Deacon, so they meet up at the Bluebird to watch him play and get along way too well for it to be realistic.

6. Rayna
Rayna wasn't all that dramatic this episode, but she seemed stressed out. First she gets Scarlett confirmed for a tour with Luke Wilson. Then she spends most of the episode hanging out with Luke bonding over having ex-spouses that remarried and sleeping together because, hey, this is Nashville we're talking about.

7. Teddy and Peggy
Teddy and Peggy get married this episode and they barely show the wedding. Show us the wedding! This episode seriously could've been divided into three different ones. We get cake cutting and Maddie and Daphne's performance and that's it. At the beginning of the episode, Teddy is considering delaying the marriage because of Maddie's feelings, but Peggy convinces him not to because that might be enough time for him to  find out that she's not actually pregnant.

8. Gunnar/Scarlett
Gunnar is approached by Jeff at Edgehill who still wants that song Gunnar wrote for Will, so they go out for lunch to chat. Gunnar explains that if Jeff can get him a break, he'll turn the rights to the song over. Episode ends with Jeff telling Gunnar he's sending him out on tour in order to mentor someone and see how things go down. Also, he'll get to perform in the Music City Festival. Gunnar agrees (this is a deal with the devil, Gunnar!) and sets of on tour. But who do we find on the tour bus he boards? Scarlett! Dun dun dun. In case it's not clear, this is problematic because of their past, Scarlett's second-go-round relationship with Avery, and the fact that Gunnar and Zoey are now official.

See, told ya this one was a doozy! Did you all find this one as crazy as I did? What was your favorite part? Let us know in the comments!