'Nashville' Finale Recap: 'On The Other Hand' Drama Rankings


Hey, y’all! Tonight was Nashville's season two finale which means we made it through a character being in a coma, a mental breakdown, a quickie wedding between a gay character and his singing show contest fiancé, and a whole lot more in between. Tonight’s episode didn’t disappoint as far as over-the-top plot twists go — Two proposals?! Whaaat?— so with no further ado, here are the drama rankings for “On the Other Hand.”

1. Juliette
Juliette did A LOT to earn her the number one spot in a tight race this week. First, she shows up to Deacon’s sobriety center show drunk because of the Jeff Fordham sex secret eating away at her. Thankfully, she doesn’t make it out onto the stage, but Rayna sees her. Afterward, Rayna holds Juliette’s hair while she vomits into a toilet and tells her about Jeff. Rayna tells her she has to tell Avery but he finds out first from Gunnar and Zoey.

Juliette pleads her love to Avery who leaves her because she cheated on him with Jeff Fordham. Later, he comes back to her house and through tears tells him about her childhood and never feeling like anyone loved her and ends with “I don’t deserve you.” Drunk at a sobriety center and sobbing confessions about her trailer park youth? Yeah, I’d say she deserves the number one spot.

2. Will
In an extremely close second is Will who is still filming that reality show with Layla. It seriously seems like the worst reality show ever. They speak directly to the camera constantly and the producer herself is on film. It makes no sense. Anyway... Will spends this episode in a constant battle pitting him and Jeff against Rayna. Rayna’s album comes out on the same day as Will’s and Jeff is attempting to have him beat her in record sales. For Will, the sales are important because he feels he sacrificed being himself for his music. He explains this to Gunnar and Gunnar’s like, “Dude, I’m the only one who knows about you. You can’t keep living like this.” So Will goes home to Layla, takes her into the bedroom, where there are no cameras, comes out, and cries on her extremely shocked shoulder. Oh, and guess what? Contrary to Will’s belief there are cameras in the bedroom. Didn’t see that coming. (Just kidding. I totally did and so did anyone else who has seen even five minutes of this show.)

3. Rayna
Rayna really got a chance to shine tonight. She kicked Jeff’s butt in the Rayna/Will record rivalry war by staging a huge stadium show at the last minute. Rayna got to be the smart, feisty woman that she is and that we should’ve seen more of all season. In the end, Rayna gets a proposal, in front of the concert audience, from Luke and NO ONE is excited about it. Okay, the fans are excited, but Teddy, Deacon, and Maddie who are all looking on aren't.

After the concert, Deacon shows up at Rayna’s house and is like, “I just wanted to say congrats… but I can’t… because I’m in love with you and I've become the man you deserve.” Then her kisses her, puts a ring in her hand, and says, “You don’t have to answer now.”

Sheesh! That would’ve been some ending if this show hadn’t gotten renewed!

4. Deacon
Deacon’s placed here solely for the aforementioned proposal. That was a risky move there, buddy.

5. Maddie
Oh man, you guys, Maddie was unbearable on this episode. (Btw, this is a good thing as far as the show goes because she’s supposed to be unbearable and they really pull it off.) Basically, Maddie wants her mom to get back together with Deacon so she gives both of them framed photos of the two of them, herself, and Daphne. She is old enough to know how awkward that is, right? She also is a total jerk to Teddy who really didn’t do anything wrong. Her mom is the one who kept the lie about Deacon being her father, but because Deacon is cooler (she’s right on that point), she disses the man who raised her for 14 years.

6. Avery
Avery responds to Juliette’s cheating by saying, “You have no clue what love is.” Then he goes and gets drunk. Then he goes back to her house and listens to the story of her childhood and cries. Sounds about right.

7. Gunnar and Zoey
All they did was look at his new house and be all, “Ooooh! No reality show cameras!” Later, Gunnar wears a stupid little hat and he and Zoey finally tell Avery about Juliette and Jeff. At the end of the episode, Gunnar sings Scarlett a song he wrote for her (not in a romantic way, Zoey knows about it) and tells her she shouldn't leave town. Thankfully, they don’t kiss. Hardly anyone on this show can handle breaking up with someone before getting with someone else, so I’ve gotta thank the writers for letting Gunnar and Scarlett keep it together.

8. Scarlett
You didn’t just think I was going to gloss over the fact that Scarlett’s leaving town, did you? That’s right, little miss mental breakdown two weeks ago is already so much better that she spent the episode getting ready to go back to Mississippi where she went to college and giving advice to other people. She’s the one that tells Avery to give Juliette another chance and she doesn’t even mind stopping by to see Gunnar even though not long ago she couldn’t stand being around him. Oh how times have changed. Very, very quickly.

So there you have it! In case you’re wondering (and I’m sure you are), Juliette took the number one spot in the drama rankings most often this season with a solid five episodes. I didn’t count up the last place winner, but I think we all know it was Gunnar.

What did you think of the Nashville finale? Who will Rayna choose? Will Scarlett really leave? Will Juliette and Avery get back together? Should Juliette and Avery get back together? Talk it out in the comments!

(All photos: ABC)